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Renato Moicano Dubs His Podcast ‘Best in the World’ in Front of JRE Host Joe Rogan, Offers Invitation After UFC 300 Victory

Souvik Roy

Renato Moicano Dubs His Podcast ‘Best in the World’ in Front of JRE Host Joe Rogan, Offers Invitation After UFC 300 Victory

Brazilian lightweight, Renato Moicano walked into the UFC 300 octagon with high spirits. But a first-round leg kick from his rival, Jalin Turner, had him hurt. Yet, Moicano conquered every adversity in his way to gain a superb TKO victory in the second round of the bout. Soon after his triumph, ‘Money Moicano’ laid stress on various issues during his in-octagon interview. But he also made a huge claim and labeled his ‘Show Me the Money’ podcast as the “best podcast” in front of Joe Rogan.

During his interview, Moicano was inside the octagon with probably the most-noted podcaster of current times, Joe Rogan. The 56-year-old’s podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, achieved a major milestone when it bagged an insane $200M exclusive broadcasting deal with ‘Spotify’. While celebrating his victory, Moicano got the idea of highlighting his podcast after watching Rogan standing in front of him. The Brazilian lightweight said,

I have started a podcast. It’s going to be the best podcast in the business. The name is ‘Show Me the Money’.”

Well, ‘Money Moicano‘s’ opinions about his podcast might not be as vague as it seems. One of its recent episodes proved to be a superb entertainer. Moicano was joined by his noted UFC welterweight compatriot, Gilbert Burns, for the episode.

They talked about the UFC’s welterweight division and things got hilarious when Moicano mispronounced the UFC welterweight, Shavkat Rakhmonov’s name. Struggling to find the right pronunciation, the Brazilian called him “Shakivat Hakhmonov”. Such a fail from Moicano had Burns bursting into laughter. Meanwhile, Moicano’s UFC 300 in-octagon interview also showcased that he knew what he had to do to get more eyeballs to his podcast.

Renato Moicano invited Joe Rogan to his podcast without caring for his consent

UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan’s podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, has earned the apex spot in Spotify’s ‘Top Podcasts’ list multiple times. The appearance of several modern-era celebs like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk also bears testimony to its popularity.

Thus, Moicano might have wanted to gain a few ‘JRE’ viewers when he invited Rogan to an episode of his ‘Show Me the Money’ podcast. The 34-year-old Brazilian also termed Rogan as “the money guest” of his podcast. While doing so, Moicano didn’t wait for the 56-year-old’s approval and went on to say that Rogan couldn’t refuse his offer. Moicano did play it smart with Rogan, but whether the ‘JRE’ host appears on ‘Show Me the Money’ stays as a question for the future to unveil.

Post Edited By:Debmallya Chakraborty

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