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“Ryan Garcia Method”: Conor McGregor Partying With Dee Devlin During Michael Chandler Fight Camp, Has Fans Worried

Allan Binoy

“Ryan Garcia Method”: Conor McGregor Partying With Dee Devlin During Michael Chandler Fight Camp, Has Fans Worried

Ahead of Conor McGregor’s anticipated return, a clip of him partying with his partner Dee Devlin in a club has gone viral. This comes just days before he had claimed in an interview to have given up alcohol for the fight camp against Michael Chandler. Naturally, fans who were lining up to see a motivated Conor, seem disappointed.

Some fans were poking fun at the Irishman while others rushed to his defense. One fan even went as far as to call it the Ryan Garcia training method,

“This man on that Ryan Garcia method”


One user wondered whether Conor McGregor was aware he had a fight next month. Because the way he was partying, it did not look like he was in training camp,

“does bro know he got a fight next month?”

However, one fan defended ‘Mystic Mac’ in the video by saying,

“It’s hotter than a sauna in there! He’s weight cut prepping. And I don’t see a drink in his hand. Prepare for the ryan garcia moment come fight night.”

Yet another fan was confident that despite the clip, Conor McGregor would secure the victory against Michael Chandler,

“oh ye conor by KO in the first 20 seconds”

This user believed, similar to Ryan Garcia, McGregor was playing the ‘social media’ game making his opponent think he was not taking the fight seriously,

“He’s playing the media game like a king as always.”

Despite the fact that Conor McGregor was in a nightclub, partying, most fans still have faith in the Irishman’s ability to pull through come fight night. But this still begs the question- why was Conor McGregor partying 6 weeks before the Michael Chandler fight at UFC 303?

Why was Conor McGregor partying?

Well, McGrgeor owns the Black Forge Inn, in Dublin, Ireland, and was reportedly attending a late-night ‘secret’ session at his bar with Dee Devlin. He announced it on Instagram saying,

“The Black Forge Inn does it again! Our late night secret sessions with @marckinchen and @belters_only on the decks! The gaf was rocking and the @properwhiskey and @forgedirishstout was flowing! ENERGY ‼️”

Conor McGregor seems to be enjoying himself ahead of fight camp. He recently claimed in an interview that he gave up drinking for a fight camp, but one drink with the mother of your child is just your right!

Conor continues to look in great shape and from the sparring videos we have seen, it appears that he has also leaned down from his Road House days. Besides, given his history, how can anyone count him out.

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Allan Binoy


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