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“Superhero’s Collide”: Mike O’Hearn Teams Up With UFC Star Paulo Costa for Surprising ‘Secret Juice’ Collaboration

Kevin Binoy

“Superhero’s Collide”: Mike O’Hearn Teams Up With UFC Star Paulo Costa for Surprising ‘Secret Juice’ Collaboration

Over the last two years, UFC middleweight Paulo Costa has changed the way fans used to perceive him. For most of his UFC career, ‘Borrachinha’ was regarded as a knockout artist with unentertaining fights. As a result, he was never a big draw in the UFC.

However, following his loss against Israel Adesanya, Costa turned his personality around and adopted the self-proclaimed role of ‘The Meme God’. Now, according to a recent Instagram post, it appears as though ‘The Meme God’ is set for a collaboration with another fan favorite, Mike O’Hearn.

For the uninitiated, Mike O’Hearn is an American bodybuilder, personal trainer, actor, and model. He is the founder of ‘Titan Training’ a subscription-based exercise program that he promotes to the 3.7 million followers he has on Instagram.

Recently, O’Hearn made headlines for a different reason as he took to Instagram to announce a partnership with none other than Paulo Costa. The personal trainer even posted a video with the caption,

“Superhero’s collide. Paulo Costa and Mike O’Hearn team up off the secret juice for the collab you didn’t know you needed.”

In the video, O’Hearn went on to explain the collaboration claiming he had big news for everyone who loves “fighters.” He then went on to talk about teaming up with Paulo Costa, saying,

“I got some big news for everybody around the world that is a fan of fighters. I get to team up with Paulo Costa this week. I can not wait to bring you guys this stuff, that is my brother. If you want to get jacked, head on over to his page and drink some secret juice.”

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While Costa is synonymous with ‘secret juice’ amongst UFC fans, the origin of this nickname is quite intriguing.

What is Paulo Costa’s secret juice?

Paulo Costa has one of the best physiques in the UFC, and he maintains it all year around. Unfortunately, this has done more harm than good as drug testing agencies pay Costa a lot more attention than other fighters. In fact, the Brazillian was one of the most tested athletes in 2022.

Taking the entire situation as a joke, Costa started to say that he was taking ‘secret juice’ as a way to maintain his physique, implying he was taking steroids. This became a running gag and soon UFC fans started to identify ‘secret juice’ with Paulo Costa. He has since taken full advantage of the same and has started to manufacture merchandise and other accessories with the ‘Secret Juice’ brand.

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