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“Take That Mans Soul”: Sean Strickland Reacts to Micah Parsons Taking On Sumo Wrestler, Vows to Beat Both

Allan Binoy

“Take That Mans Soul”: Sean Strickland Reacts to Micah Parsons Taking On Sumo Wrestler, Vows to Beat Both

Another day, another Sean Strickland call-out. This time, it’s NFL linebacker Micah Parsons who’s had the misfortune. Parsons was in Tokyo and decided to go up against a Sumo wrestler. Strickland, who had nothing to do with any of this, at all, looked at the video and called them both out.

Dana White once, in a response to a question about the beef between Strickland and Machine Gun Kelly, had said that the former UFC middleweight champion should not be around other humans. And this is precisely why.

Sean Strickland has been calling out a lot of social media influencers as well as boxers recently. But this is the first time he called out an NFL player. The UFC fighter was originally asking for travel tips as he plans to visit Japan. During his research, he stumbled upon the video of Micah Parsons and replied to it by saying,

“Where is this?? Bro idk who Micah Parsons is but I’d take that man’s soul and feed it to that sumo wrestler then suplex the sumo wrestler… Where is this?!?!”


Sean Strickland claims he does not know who Micah Parsons is. However, he is very confident that he can beat the NFL star and then subsequently suplex a sumo wrestler. Of course, this will never come to pass. Mostly because much like Strickland not knowing Parsons, there’s a good possibility that the linebacker doesn’t know him either.

Secondly, as confident as Strickland is, Sumo wrestling is a whole different ball game and the Japanese athletes weigh a minimum of 187 lbs, which is their lightest weight class. The sport might appear comical to an audience that isn’t familiar with it, but sumo wrestlers are extremely athletic and can fight.

Regardless, why does Strickland even want to go to Japan? Exploring other cultures isn’t exactly known to be one of his hobbies. Well, it would appear his girlfriend wanted to travel to Japan. So he had two requests from his fans.

Sean Strickland asks his fans for help to set up a Sumo wrestling fight

Before he made travel plans he asked his ever-growing fans on X for a way to set up two of his wishes while he was in Japan.

“So the GF wants to go to Japan…Couple things…. 1. I want to destroy a sumo wrestler… 2. Fight a samurai or a ninja..So if any of you f*cks no a fat asain man or a ninja plug me in…”

Sean Stickland in Japan will be a sight to behold. Not only does he want to take on a sumo wrestler, he also wants to fight a samurai or a ninja. Perhaps, he could move up weight classes and take on Jiri Procházka, because that’s the best option he realistically has to fight a Samurai.

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Allan Binoy


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