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“There’s No Path”: Demetrious Johnson Explains Joining UFC Is Tougher Than Making It in NFL, NBA, or MLB

Allan Binoy

“There’s No Path”: Demetrious Johnson Explains Joining UFC Is Tougher Than Making It in NFL, NBA, or MLB

Demetrious Johnson has a valid argument as to why the UFC is the hardest sport to go pro in. Being a relatively newer sport, MMA has no grassroots development programs or training regimes. Moreover, the fighters who get into the sport rarely start from a young age. They usually begin training during their late teens or early adulthood and then make their way to the top from different outlets, unlike other sports where there is a clear path.

Demetrious Johnson knows a thing or two about this since he got into mixed martial arts at the age of 18. Despite starting so late, he has made quite a name for himself and is considered to be one of the GOATs. Well, in a recent interview with Urijah Faber on the Mighty Cast, Johnson even spoke about how difficult it is to get into the UFC, saying,

“There is no path….In Mixed Martial Arts, there is no yellow brick road that is going to lead you to the castle. There just isn’t.”

Johnson then went on to take his own example and mentioned how he got lucky because someone spotted his talent and gave him an opportunity to perform. However, even trained professional fighters in his gym do not know what steps to take to make it big. This is vastly different from sports like the NFL, the NBA, and the MLB, where there is a blueprint to follow.

‘Mighty Mouse’ also envies Urijah Faber for his business-savvy nature. In the same podcast, he spoke about how Faber inspires him to push forward in life.

Demetrious Johnson envies Urijah Faber for being so business-minded

While Demetrious Johnson is yet to hang up his gloves, Urijah Faber has put his MMA days behind him and is currently focusing on building businesses. In the same interview, Faber spoke about how he is working on a new business to which Johnson said,

“You’re always building something…This is why I’ve always was inspired by you…You guys are always building s*it…I feel like I’m f*cking slacking.”

Demetrious Johnson went on to speak about how guys like Urijah Faber don’t need to fight anymore to make big money because of their businesses. The 37-year-old even hopes to be like that one day when he finally hangs up his gloves, but it seems like fans aren’t in the mood to let him retire as of yet.

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