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Tim Means Gets The Better Of An Animated Mike Perry At UFC 255

Prateek Arya

Tim Means Gets The Better Of An Animated Mike Perry At UFC 255

Tim Means proves to be too much for Mike Perry. The Dirty Bird got the better of the Platinum one at UFC 255.

Besides the headliner fights of the marquee event, Mike Perry Vs. Tim Means is the contest that became the bearer of huge attention in the run-up to UFC 255.

While some people were of the opinion that the match should be scrapped on account of Mike Perry being 4.5 pounds over the defined stretch of the Welterweight weight class, but the match remained on the cards and it indeed created a spectacle.

Tim Means Gets The Better Of Mike Perry

The ever animated Mike Perry entered the ring seemingly all carefree. He was singing maintaining rhythm with his entrance music.

The odds favored Perry over Means, who with a rating of -105 was the slight underdog.

In the first round, It was Perry who dominated the initial proceedings and got in the ideal position to inflict a rear naked choke. But Means with all his experience evaded the danger and soon he was back on his feet. Means ended the round on a strong note.

Tim Means landed some significant jabs in the second round, and maintained distance from his opponent to win the second.

In the third round, both went offensive, and at one point there was no defending from either side. Some heavy punches and Jabs were traded during the slugfest, and at the back of this Tim Means secured a unanimous win.

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