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True Geordie Slams Conor McGregor Over Insulting ‘Bum’ Comments Targeting Ex-UFC Champion Kamaru Usman

Allan Binoy

True Geordie Slams Conor McGregor Over Insulting 'Bum' Comments Targeting Ex-UFC Champion Kamaru Usman

Conor McGregor called Kamaru Usman a ‘bum’ on a live stream and True Geordie rushed to the former champ’s defense. While the British YouTuber often trash-talks fighters himself, he considers Conor insulting a champion like Kamaru Usman utterly disrespectful.

In his latest YouTube video, he reacted to the viral moments from ‘Mystic Mac’s’ latest gambling livestream with Duel Bits. Talking about how Usman would absolutely destroy McGregor in a fight, he said,

“Imagine Kamaru Usman being a bum in anyone’s eyes. This is one of the greatest fighters in the UFC….Let’s be honest Kamaru would beat the brakes off this guy.”

True Geordie called Kamaru Usman one of the greatest welterweight fighters in the history of the UFC after Georges St-Pierre. And he’s not wrong there. Dana White has also called Kamaru one of the, if not the greatest welterweight UFC has ever had. This guy was a P4P champ for years and went through the entire roster twice while defending his welterweight title.

According to the British YouTuber, Conor McGregor talked a lot of trash on his livestream to get more attention for his upcoming fight. Although this may be true, fight or no fight, this is usually how the Irishman always talks.

Ahead of his next fight, ‘Mystic Mac’ has made yet another prediction. Quashing all the doubts fans had after watching him partying recently.

Conor McGregor quashes all the party claims by posting new workout pictures

A recent video of Conor McGregor at a Black Forge Inn Party with partner Dee Devlin has gone viral. Many fans even wondered whether he was under the influence.

However, his recent X post answered all those who were doubting his commitment to return to the octagon.

“Some are just built different. I am only now coming into my own. June 29th, records and jaw’s are getting smashed! Onwards and upwards!”

Conor McGregor believes he is a different animal and will show it come June 29. He aims to ‘break’ Michael Chandler’s jaw at the T-Mobile Center in Las Vegas. This fight marks his return to the octagon after almost three years. But McGregor needs to be careful against Chandler. Hype or not, he’s a dangerous man.

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