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UFC Star Reveals Charles Oliveira’s True Personality, Labels Him as “Very Religious and Humble”

Kevin Binoy

UFC Star Reveals Charles Oliveira's True Personality, Labels Him as "Very Religious and Humble"

One of the biggest fights at UFC 300 was the one between Charles Oliveira and Arman Tsarukyan. Although Oliveira and Tsarukyan aren’t the biggest names in the promotion, the fight had massive implications for the Lightweight title race.

Readers might have noticed that Oliveira entered the fight week as he always does, sporting blonde hair, sunglasses, and an extremely intimidating look, However, according to a fellow Brazillian fighter, this isn’t Charles Oliveira’s true image.

Michael Bisping was recently joined by Renato Moicano for an interview on his YouTube channel. During the interview, the two men dissected the UFC 300 fight card and other important developments in the world of MMA.

Naturally, the conversation soon turned to Charles Oliveira, and Bisping asked Moicano if the version we see of the Brazilian during fight week is actually how he is as a person. To this, Moicano replied, saying

“Maybe he is funny with the friends and stuff, but I feel like he is an intense guy. And I think he is very religious. I think he is very very very religious. The vibes that I get from him are that he is very religious and very humble. He was poor when he was a kid, so I think he is very grateful for god all the time. That is the vibe that he gives me. With his friends, he is probably very funny.”

The version of Charles Oliveira we see during fight week is a man on a mission. During this time, Oliveira does not joke around and is often spotted with a poker face and stony eyes.

However, even this demeanor did not help him at UFC 300 as Tsarukyan emerged victorious. This led to the question of what Oliveira might do in the coming months.

What is next for Charles Oliveira after stubbing at UFC 300?

Charles Oliveira took a big risk by taking on Arman Tsarukyan at UFC 300. He did not have a lot to gain and had his #1 contender spot to lose. Unfortunately for ‘Do Bronx’ he took a risk that did not pay off, and Tsarukyan walked away with the win.

Moreover, now that the fight is done, the UFC has a matchmaking headache with Oliveira, as he has beaten most of the people in the top 10 at lightweight.

The only possible option UFC has is to book Oliveira against Justin Gaethje for a rematch. Other than Gaethje, most fighters in the top 10 are people who have already faced Oliveira or have another fight scheduled. On top of it, a Gaethje vs Oliveira supermatch will also be quite exciting for fans.

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