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UFC Veteran Claims Islam Makhachev and Charles Oliveira Are Uninterested in Rematch But Getting Pushed By External Force

Adarsh Ojha

UFC Veteran Claims Islam Makhachev and Charles Oliveira Are Uninterested in Rematch But Getting Pushed By External Force 

Islam Makhachev vs. Charles Oliveira 2 is a fight that fans are most hyped to see the announcement of, apart from the return of Conor McGregor. However, in a recent video on his channel, UFC Veteran Chael Sonnen claimed that Makhachev and Oliveira don’t want to engage in a rematch. He also added that there is an external force making them fight.

In his recent video, Sonnen claimed that Makhachev and Oliveira don’t want to fight a rematch for now and want it to happen later. As per Sonnen, both fighters have indirectly shared this with him and want him to put this message out in public. However, UFC Veteran claims there is someone behind the scenes who wants to see Makhachev and Oliveira fight. He stated,

So there is somebody very powerful that resides in the Middle East that believes Islam and Charles should fight. And they requested that fight. And now Charles got a message to me and he didn’t do it like calling or texting but he went on something that he knew I would see. He went on something called Twitter and he said ’”I don’t want to fight Islam Makhachev’.”

Furthermore, he claimed that Oliveira did a media report in Portuguese where, once again, the Brazilian fighter stated that he didn’t want to engage in a rematch. However, after being advertised as the main event just before the event, Oliveira got a cut in his eye and backed out from the fight, doing what he said he would do.

On the flip side, talking about Dagestani fighter, Sonnen claimed, during a chat with a Russian media house, Islam Makhachev also stated that he doesn’t want to fight against Oliveira. He stated,

Islam was speaking to an Eastern European media outlet. And it got translated and it sent to me where he said I’m not interested in fighting rematches and I’m not interested in Charles Oliveira. Period. And moreover, since I gave the two matches to a 145-pounder who came up to with me everything to risk, him nothing to risk- him everything to gain and me nothing to gain. So I would like that same advantage shown to me.

Subsequently, Sonnen shares how Makhachev wants to fight Leon Edwards, but there is someone who wants Oliveira vs Makhachev to have a rematch. Meanwhile, Sonnen claims that both shared with him their desire not to fight and wanted to get the message out. So now the UFC veteran is doing his job of putting it out in public to not make their rematch.

Reports: Islam Makhachev Might Fight Justin Gaethje At UFC 300

While taking note of Sonnen’s quotes above, some recent developments and reports indicate Makhachev may soon fight Justin Gaethje. Recently, the BMF title holder shared that he is set to fight next against Islam Makhachev. Sharing an X Post slamming ‘Do Bronx’ for withdrawing from the Oliveira vs. Makhachev rematch. He said:

Waiting on the call. Ready when you are @ufc, @danawhite. Let’s see who can kick the other’s head off first @MAKHACHEVMMA. ‘Do Bronx’ had his shot and didn’t show up for the rematch. It is what it is.”

And to which Makhachev also replied that he should be careful as he doesn’t only do kicking. Media outlets like MMA Uncensored have shared that it is likely that we might see Makhachev vs. Gaethje next year.

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