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VIDEO: UFC Legend Bruce Buffer Hypes WNBA Team Los Angeles Sparks at Airport Ahead of Big Game

Allan Binoy

VIDEO: UFC Legend Bruce Buffer Hypes WNBA Team Los Angeles Sparks at Airport Ahead of Big Game

Bruce Buffer recently ran into the WNBA team Los Angeles Sparks making their way to Las Vegas. Buffer, the iconic voice behind the ‘It’s Time’ announcement gave the Sparks a taste of what a UFC fighter introduction sounds like, much to everyone’s amusement.

Buffer found himself getting into the lounge where the team was sitting, where he hyped them up and introduced them in UFC style.

The Los Angeles Sparks began their 2024 season campaign and will face off against the Las Vegas Aces tomorrow. Ahead of their match, Bruce Buffer took it upon himself to hype them up and prepare them for it in the way he knows best,

“I couldn’t resist hyping up the players & team members for their game tomorrow with the @LVAces before we boarded our 30 seat @flyjsx plane to Vegas”


Bruce Buffer predicted that the Sparks would beat the Aces in his introduction. It was some sight too, as the entire team and staff members joined in and cheered Buffer on.

It was a very wholesome moment between the iconic UFC voice and the WNBA players, an experience any UFC fan could dream of. Because let’s be honest, we have all imagined walking into Walmart with Bruce Buffer introducing us (Lillian Garcia for WWE fans).

Buffer just never seems to have an off day, does he?

Well, he kind of had one at UFC 301 but one slip-up is accepted after 30 years of doing the same job. Buffer had an uncharacteristic slip-up during the Anthony Smith fight where he announced the wrong winner.

Bruce Buffer slips up and announces the wrong name during UFC 301

Buffer’s job is to announce the results of fights during the events, something he has been doing for years. However, during UFC 301, after Anthony Smith beat Vitor Petrino, Buffer announced the Brazilian as the winner before quickly correcting himself,

Anthony ‘Lionheart’ Smith was initially confused as to what happened. But he then saw the funny aspect of it and took a glance at Bruce Buffer and laughed.

Even Petrinho began celebrating ironically as the crow began laughing at the slip-up. A rare mishap from Buffer, but definitely one that brightened everyone’s day including the Brazilian fighter who had just lost.

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