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WATCH: Conor McGregor Caught Tempted by Forged Irish Stout Despite Promise to Stay Alcohol-Free for UFC 303 Fight

Allan Binoy

WATCH: Conor McGregor Caught Tempted by Forged Irish Stout Despite Promise to Stay Alcohol-Free for UFC 303 Fight

Conor McGregor is struggling to stay off alcohol! Well no, that sounds way more of a serious problem than it is. But yes, the Irishman was seen tempted to drink the Forged Irish Stout on live stream today. Which is fine but he has been trying to stay alcohol-free for the Michael Chandler fight.

Mystic Mac is currently in fight camp for his upcoming UFC 303 fight, where he returns to the octagon after 3 long years during International Fight Week in Las Vegas. Ahead of his fight, the former double champ did a gambling livestream sponsored by Duel Bits.

While he does look in good shape, McGregor can be a bit mad. Well no more than the usual amount that made him who he is today. But mad regardless.

During his livestream, Conor McGregor found himself in contemplation as he held a Forged Irish Stout glass in his hand. In a clip posted from the original Duel Bits livestream, he stated,

“That’s unbelievable folks, you know I’ve been off the drink, I’ve been off my beautiful products since the 10 week mark, so we’re 5 weeks and 5 days out, I’m taking this seriously.”


Well, Conor fans will sleep well knowing the fight camp is being taken seriously. Their hopes of seeing ‘The Old Conor’ back in the octagon may well be true. But then again, taking fight camp seriously is kind of a part of his job description and doesn’t actually guarantee anything.

You could have the greatest camp and still lose because that’s just how the fight game works. Regardless, something else McGregor said caught fans’ attention.

Yes, the former UFC double champ wants a taste of that gold again. And if he does get a title shot, it will be the last one of his career before he calls it quits. But for that to materialize, he will have to win against Chandler and in some style.

But make no mistake, the Chandler fight isn’t just being viewed as a stepping stone. During the live stream, McGregor also revealed that there was some big news about traveling the globe to promote it ahead of his return at UFC 303.

Conor McGregor hints at the return of the World Championship Tour ahead of UFC 303

Yes, it could be the return of the World Championship Tour, like he did for the Jose Aldo fight. Except if they do go ahead with another one of them, it will overshadow everything by sheer quality and volume.

“We have a huge announcement coming regarding travelling the globe. An event that will take place prior to June 29th, between myself and my opponent…You guys are gonna love it, and I’m gonna love it also.”

The previous World Tour spanned eight cities in five different countries and was a humongous success. Given this time, the stakes are personally so high for McGregor, this one might just be more charged up than anything we have seen before.

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