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Week After Historic $21,000,000,000 Merger, Joe Rogan Drops Two Words Reaction on TKO

Himakshu Vyas

Week After Historic $21,000,000,000 Merger, Joe Rogan Drops Two Words Reaction on TKO

The UFC and WWE took big strides in the combat sports realm by joining forces and creating a $21 billion entity, TKO. As the news broke out one week ago that TKO was being listed under the New York Stock Exchange, a lot of people shared their thoughts on the historic merger. Now, UFC commentator Joe Rogan has joined the bracket as well. The 56-year-old recently shared his two-word reaction about the merger on his podcast, the ‘Joe Rogan Experience‘ alongside Kurt Angle.

The TKO merger is one of the biggest changes in the UFC after its $4 billion acquisition by Endeavor back in 2016. As part of the deal, the UFC will acquire the majority stake of 51%, while WWE will retain the remaining 49%. This news has ignited excitement among fans about what the future holds, and Rogan’s reaction perfectly mirrors their anticipation.

Joe Rogan reacts to the TKO merger

The American podcaster sat down for an interesting conversation with his guest, former WWE Raw manager Kurt Angle, on episode #2036 of JRE.

During their conversation, The WWE Hall of Famer and UFC commentator touched upon various topics, including UFC, WWE, and more. While the Olympic gold medalist and Rogan were discussing their unique ideas for WWE ring material, Rogan asked Angle if he was aware of the TKO merger. Further, Rogan also gave his thoughts about the same. He said:

Very Interesting

Rogan’s reaction showcases his excitement about the merger and the potential future of the collaboration between the two companies. The Olympic gold medalist also shared his thoughts about the crossover between UFC and WWE.

Rogan and Angle discuss TKO’s future

Only a handful of WWE stars, including CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, and Bobby Lashley, have dared to make the transition into MMA. Angle, during their conversation, expressed his views that not many wrestling stars will explore the world of MMA after this merger.

Instead, according to the former WWE champion, many UFC stars will be attracted to join WWE. In the same episode of JRE, he said:

When I look at that partnership, I see a lot of fighters crossing over to wrestling, but I don’t see many wrestlers crossing over to fighting. I mean, that’s a completely different beast.

Angle believes that mixed martial arts is quite difficult in comparison to wrestling entertainment. Thus, he does not see many fighters daring to step into the combat sports realm.

Much has been discussed regarding the potential future of this collaboration. While some emphasize its business aspects, a segment of fans is thrilled about the dawn of a new era in combat sports. Nevertheless, TKO represents a significant leap forward and could bring about some changes that fans might love.

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