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Valorant New Map: Valorant’s upcoming map, which would be its 8th, has Easter Egg references in the new Fracture map emails

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In the latest Reddit post, a user pointed out the final line in the Official article about the making of Fracture. The excerpt states easter egg references for the upcoming map in Riot Valorant.

When Dataminers pointed out the upcoming release of the Fracture map, everyone was curious about the upcoming changes and new additions. The map is chaotic and we like it.

Maps like IceBox and Fracture brought some changes that reflected on the entire meta. But, the Fracture is not something we are discussing, at least not directly.

Riot Games clearly mentions the Easter Egg references in one of the emails. We have combed through all possible data on the World Wide Web.

Riot games mention Easter Eggs for the next map in the Fracture emails

The following sections are what we concluded could be the possible path the lore is supposed to take.

Two emails were sent to Ruben Pontes of K Industries, talking of a “city-wide geo dome”. The dome protected residents from high tides, with the following in another email:

“Tidal forecast says we might even get to open the geo-dome for the matches.”

Also, the Fracture map aims to continue the Valorant Lore with the addition of Deadeye. It is said that two Deadeyes battling caused the Fracture between life and chaos.

The choice of the name, “Ruben Pontes“, points to the possibility of South American map likeness or at least Latin American. The upcoming skin Nunes Olvidados is a shred of strong evidence.

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The New Map will be based on the Latin American culture and the local geography(unique locations)

Nunes Olvidados celebrates the Día de Los Muertos, better known worldwide as the “Day of the Dead”. That is an age-old tradition south of the American border. The map could end from anywhere there.

However, at the moment there are no leaks revealing the nature of Valorant’s Map 8. We have but broken fragments of lore to refer to.

Most maps in valorant are closed spaces. The upcoming Valorant map might look to change that, much like CS:GO’s Mirage.

To sum up, this is all we know for now. As the days progress, we will be reporting the changes when the first leak hits the web.

Riot Games releases a map for Valorant after every 3 Acts.

The fact that Riot has been releasing maps every 2-3 Acts, we are not expecting a new map any soon.

However, Valorant Episode 4 releasing in early 2022 begs for another battlefield to be added. Keep your head on a swivel at the beginning of next year.

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