“SHUT UP”- Valorant Pro G2 Zeek accused of Toxicity by streamer Horcus

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|Published April 12, 2021

Valorant streamer Horcus accuses G2 Zeek of toxicity in a round of Valorant. Zeek refutes the allegations and major drama ensues.

Gaming and Toxicity unfortunately sometimes go hand in hand. Lately a lot of focus is being placed on how not just pros but also casual players play games.

Riot is striving to make Valorant more inclusive by announcing an all female masters tournament. Similarly with esports getting more and more attention from the mainstream, there’s a lot of scrutiny being placed on player’s behavior and rightly so. One such incident came to light recently.

Horcus accuses teammate of toxicity –

A bilingual google doc was released by Horcus with drive links of many video clips. He alleges that another teammate started insulting him and then Zeek laughed and told him to ‘shut up’ when he began to speak. Later on in another match the allegations say that the insults kept coming.

Horcus says that after the game the Zeek and others disrespected him by saying that,” This Spanish person is a  piece of s***’, and ‘worst guy, worst community.” Further Horcus urged Riot to take into account this incident and to do something against Toxicity in Valorant. This allegations however were immediately refuted by Zeek.

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Zeek refuses the allegations –

In multiple tweets Zeek hit back at Horcus and alleged hat it was the Spanish streamer’s viewers that in fact raided his stream. He further said that he had not insulted Horcus in anyway. Zeek tweeted, “Why don’t you show how your chat raided and harassed me after I LAUGH because you start arguing with a guy on round 2?”.

“Haven’t said a single insult towards you whole game. Stop being so insecure @HorcusCSGO.” He also labelled the allegations from the ascent game as “literally s***”. As of now neither Riot or G2 have made any comments about the whole issue.

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