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Xenohunter Valorant Skin Bundle: Prices, Variants, Animations and release date and time

Tanmaiy Reddy

Xenohunter Valorant Skin Bundle: Prices, Variants, Animations and release date and time

Take a look at the new Valorant Skin bundle hitting the valorant stores near us, Xenohunter with its prices and release time.

We have been well versed with the skins and the collections with riot tease us with. If we are all being honest it is hard to resist the temptation of buying a good Valorant skin. And as it turns out all the collections released by Valorant are good.

Riot releases a new skin collection every 2 weeks alongside their new patches. And following a similar trend, Valroant has given us the first look at the upcoming new Valornat collection.

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This will be the latest collection coming out in a day’s time. It has a pretty unique build, following the look of a SWAT with a night vision radar. And on top of that, the radar moves according to your movements and shows a mini version of your mini-map.

The collection consists of the following:

  • Melee (Xenohunter Knife)
  • Frenzy
  • Bucky
  • Odin
  • Phantom

This bundle doesn’t have variants or a finisher, but there might be an animation level. The price of the Bundle is  7100 Valorant points, with each weapon skin individually costing 1775 VP and the melee costing 3550 VP.

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Release Date and Time

This new collection will be available to purchase and use at the following time for each region

  • North America: 8th June 1:00 PM PST
  • Europe: 8th June 3:00 PM CST
  • Southeast Asia: 9th June 2:30 AM IST

All the above timings are the pre-defined default timing, however, if Riot faces any errors or exceptions while releasing the update, these timings could change. But that seems unlikely.

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