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Video of Alisson Becker covering whole pitch to celebrate Mohamed Salah goes viral

Tanish Chachra
|Mon Jan 20 2020

Video of Alisson Becker covering whole pitch to celebrate with his teammate Mohamed Salah goes viral as Liverpool wins by 2-0 against rivals.

Liverpool outclassed Manchester United last night in the Premier League clash. Although the majority of the game remained till 1-0 until Mohamed Salah scored the last-minute goal.

The goal was the fitting climax to the intensity of the match, as Salah dribbled the ball from the halfway line and scored past De Gea in an exhilarating fashion.

Alison Becker kicked the ball with all the power he had and it, fortunately, reached to Salah who was just standing behind the half-line, making him clear of any offside.

Manchester United’s players were on the opposite side, as they came to equalize on the corner they received a few moments ago. Thus, there was nobody to guard David De Gea while Salah was approaching

Daniel James tried his best to fall back on Salah but the Welsh winger could not out beat Salah’s exceptional control on the ball. With the goal, the game was done and dusted.

The Anfield was filled with joy as the Egyptian International removed his shirt while celebrating, Salah’s rest of the teammates were marching towards him but Alisson was too happy to wait and sprinted towards him.

As soon as the Brazilian goalkeeper reached near Salah, he slid on the pitch and embraced Salah with his arms, giving a perfect ending to Liverpool in the match.

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The Merseyside club has shown their absolute dominance in the league this season by winning 21 games out of 22 played this season. Now, they are 16 points ahead of Manchester City in the table with Manchester United 30 points behind.

This is the best start by any side in the Premier League history, which could bring Liverpool the league by the end of the March.

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