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WATCH: Afghanistan fans tries to steal bails during England vs Afghanistan match at Manchester | Cricket World Cup 2019

Gurpreet Singh

WATCH: Afghanistan fans tries to steal bails during England vs Afghanistan match at Manchester | Cricket World Cup 2019

Afghanistan fan tries to steal bails in the middle of the England vs Afghanistan match at The Old Trafford in Manchester

The game of Cricket has seen all kinds of fans and spectators who have tried to invade the field while the match in play, or during a break. While some of the crazy fans wish to have a closer look at their role models, the others just like to breach the security and face the consequences, or to be more precise wish to take the bull by the horns.

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But, this particular case which happened during the England vs Afghanistan World Cup match, is a bit difficult to comprehend.

The popular ‘Zing Bails’ or the LED bails, which have been amidst much controversy during the ongoing Cricket World Cup in England and Wales, have again become a point of discussion after a brief dormant period. And this time it is an Afghanistan fan from the crowd, who takes the initiative.

What did the fan do?

The ‘Zing bails’ have been in the middle of many debates during this World Cup after failing to dislodge despite the ball hitting the stumps. The adamant bails have refused to fall of the groove in as many as 5 occasions during the ongoing World Cup.

What was more surprising is the fact that fast-bowlers like Mitchell Starc and Jasprit Bumrah, who regularly bowl at around 140 km/h mark, found themselves at the receiving end of the stubbornness of the Zing bails.

The young Afghan fan, perhaps wished to have the closest possible look as to what was wrong with the flashing bails that has made it so popular.

The incident happened during the 24th over of the Afghanistan innings when Rahmat Shah and Hashmatullah Shahidi were at the crease. Ben Stokes had just bowled the 5th delivery of the over when the aforementioned fan breached the security and knocked over the flashy bails at both the strikers’s and well as the non-striker’s end.

The Bails did come off!

The fans was indeed very happy, on committing the sin, and ran off after perhaps witnessing that the bails do come off!. This was thus the first case of the unfortunate pitch invasion by a spectator. The security member soon after the incident managed to catch hold of the fan, escorting him out out of the stadium amidst the huge cheers from the crowd.

WATCH: Afghanistan fan tries to steal bails

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Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh


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