Alexa Bliss turns on The Fiend as Randy Orton wins at Wrestlemania 37

Archie Blade
|Published 12/04/2021

Alexa Bliss turns on The Fiend as Randy Orton wins at Wrestlemania 37. The Viper pulled off yet another win against Bray Wyatt at the show of shows.

Another Wrestlemania match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt, another win for the Viper at the Grandest stage of all. This was not the kind of match that fans will be talking about in the future. It did however, intrigue fans enough to want to tune in to RAW tomorrow night.

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Orton was the first to walk out. He was followed by Alexa Bliss. She hopped her way to a giant jack in the box and twisted the handle. Out of it came the Fiend, all healed up, ready to take on the man who burned him all the way back in December.

Alexa Bliss turns on The Fiend as Randy Orton wins at Wrestlemania 37

The Fiend laid Orton out with a clothesline before slamming him with a uranage. Orton tried to get his offense in but the Fiend no sold it before attempting the mandible claw. Orton managed to avoid disaster and lashed out with consecutive DDT’s.

The Fiend fought back with another clothesline followed by a crossbody. Randy Orton caught him in the DDT again but found himself caught in the Mandible claw when he attempted the RKO. Just went it seemed that a win was inevitable, fires exploded from the turnbuckles.

Alexa Bliss appeared on top of the jack in the box, with Black ooze all over her face. A surpised Fiend turned around. Oton capitalized on the disstraction and landed the RKO for the win.

The Fiend and Alexa simply stared at each other before darkness engulfed the stadium. The lights came back later but the two had already left.

This match was never supposed to be a 5-star classic. Orton vs Wyatt was a spectacle and that’s where it exceled. From the entrances to the presentation, this match was all about larger than life characters, that had more to do with the story than actual in-ring performance and that’s exactly what they did.

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