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“Dance Shanky Dance!!” – Bully Ray jokes about Shanky’s new gimmick; Gets roasted by Road Dogg and Hurricane

Yasser Ayaz
|Tue Jun 14 2022

WWE Legend Bully Ray makes a tweet mocking Shanky’s new gimmick on SmackDown Live only to get trolled by fans and fellows.

WWE’s blue brand has not been on the mark since Roman Reigns signed a new contract with the company. The show clearly lacks star power and isn’t delivering anything noteworthy from the last few weeks. But, one of the talking points from SmackDown Live is Shanky’s new gimmick.

A couple of weeks back, Jinder Mahal and Shanky lost their tag team match against Los Lotharios. The reason for the loss was Shanky and his dancing around announcer, Samantha Johnson. Next week, Shanky’s dancing helps Jinder Mahal in his face-off against Humberto. This time, the Indian star is joined by Samantha Johnson.

This sudden change in Shanky’s persona has created a buzz around the Indian superstar. Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray mentioned Shanky in his tweet.

Bully Ray takes a gag at Shanky’s New Gimmick; Adds his dancing GIF alongside the tweet

Since WWE decided to give the 7 feet superstar a new dancer persona, the Indian is getting a lot of attention from fans and legends. The only person who seems to have issues with Shanky is his partner, Jinder Mahal.

Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray took to Twitter to pin his thoughts on Shanky. Bully Ray gagged that dancing and acting like a fool won’t get Shanky over. The Hall of Famer even attached his dancing GIF to that tweet.

But, it seems it’s not just Bully Ray who is noticing Shanky’s moves on SmackDown Live. Former DX member Road Dogg also commented on Bully’s tweet on the Indian. 

Road Dogg mocks Bully Ray by making fun of his dancing skills

WWE Hall of Famer, Road Dogg could not miss an opportunity to take a gag at his former in-ring foe. The Hall of Famer commented on the tweet making fun of Bully Ray’s dancing skills. Dogg stated that dancing like Bully Ray will never get anybody over.

Moments later, another Ex-WWE Superstar joined the party. Hurricane Helms also replied to Bully Ray’s tweet with his own dancing GIF.

Even fans joined the whole thread and shared a few GIFs on the tweet. A lot of users mentioned Bully Ray sharing GIFs of Brock Lesner and Vince McMahon dancing, a fan claimed Bully danced better than Shanky.

WWE’s decision to reboot Shanky’s gimmick might seem odd considering the size of the 30-year-old, it is getting over. Live Fans are enjoying watching the 7-feet giant showing some moves. 

Nevertheless, WWE has a habit of altering the gimmick, hyping it, and then wasting the whole opportunity. It will be interesting to see whether WWE sticks with this change or ends up ruining it.

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