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WWE Legend Recalls Shane McMahon Nearly Going After Brock Lesnar After WrestleMania 34

Yasser Ayaz

Brock Lesnar Shane McMahon

A clip went viral after WrestleMania 34 that showed Brock Lesnar throwing the Universal Title at Vince McMahon. The reason why that infamous incident happened never came to light. However, according to past reports, The Beast wasn’t happy with the crowd’s response to his title defense against Roman Reigns. Recently, Road Dogg recalled the incident and shared the aftermatch involving Brock Lesnar and Shane McMahon.

Back then, WWE Hall of Famer used to work as a producer backstage. So he had first-hand experience of what happened that day. During a recent edition of the “Oh…You Didn’t Know” podcast, Dogg went down memory lane and discussed WrestleMania 34. He claimed Shane McMahon nearly went after Brock Lesnar after the incident.

Road Dogg shares how Shane McMahon almost got into a backstage fight with Brock Lesnar

Well, it has been over five years since the whole thing happened at WWE backstage. However, if you ask what led to The Beast Incarnate throwing the title at Mr. McMahon, nobody knows.

Speaking on his podcast, Road Dogg stated he still doesn’t know the reason. All he could remember was almost getting hit by the title. When Brock threw the title, the Hall of Famer was between him and Mr. McMahon.

He recalled the belt going past him but wasn’t going to dare to ask The Beast Incarnate. However, “Shane-O-Mac”, who was also in the gorilla position, decided to confront him. Road Dogg claimed Shane McMahon was “hot” and tried to go after Brock Lesnar. He stated:

“I didn’t really know what went down then, and I wasn’t about to go after Brock [Lesnar] to find out… I remember Shane [McMahon] being in Gorilla and being hot and trying to go after Brock [Lesnar] and I said, ‘Hey, let’s let it go… Let’s just stay right here and all keep our teeth.'”

Shane-O-Mac doesn’t share a very healthy relationship with The Beast Incarnate

Shane McMahon doesn’t like Brock Lesnar, and it’s not a secret from anyone. Last year at Royal Rumble, he returned and reportedly took control of the men’s match. Although The Beast Incarnate won, it is believed that Shane-O-Mac booked himself strong in the match.

Apparently, Brock wasn’t happy with Shane’s actions, which also led to some serious repercussions. Mr. McMahon immediately fired his son from the company.

However, both men were part of Night 2 of WrestleMania 39. The Beast Incarnate kicked off the night by defeating the “Nigerian Giant” Omos.

On the other hand, Shane McMahon made one of the strangest WrestleMania returns of all time. He came in as the surprise opponent for The Miz but tore his quadriceps before that match could start.

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