Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Once Hilariously Owned Shaquille O’Neal After the NBA Legend Claimed He Would Beat Him in a Wrestling Match

Rishabh Singh
|Published 16/03/2023

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is no stranger to WWE. The NBA star has made appearances on WWE TV on multiple occasions. In 2009, Neal hosted Monday Night Raw. The seven-footer even entered the Andre The Giant memorial battle royal match as a surprise entrant in 2016 at WrestleMania 32. But way before making appearances in WWE, Shaq was seen in a commercial with Hulk Hogan promoting WCW’s Bash at the Beach PPV. 

Without a doubt, Shaq has made a lot of friends in the wrestling industry. And one of them is The Great One, The Rock. During a talk show in 2014, the NBA star made a bold claim that he could beat The Rock in a wrestling match. Little did he know, The Brahma Bull was listening to Shaq smart-mouthing via satellite. 

The Rock and Shaquille O’Neal engage in a funny wordplay

During an edition of Inside the NBA, the show host threw WWE names at Shaq and asked if he could beat them. On being asked if he could beat Hulk Hogan, Shaq replied, “oh! Easy, he too old!”.

Shaq also claimed he could beat Big Show and Chris Jericho. When he was asked if he could beat The 10-time WWE Champion, The Rock, he quipped- “Yeah, he too pretty!”.

To Shaq’s surprise, The Rock appeared on the big screen after he made that claim. The wrestler-turned-actor then participated in the banter and claimed Shaq couldn’t beat him, bottom line!

Further, Big Shaq asked The Rock if he thinks the former could beat Charles Barkley, who was also present at the table. At first, The Rock said no without hesitation. However, The Rock allowed Shaq to ask his question again and this time, he took a moment and said no again.

Everybody at the table had a good laugh at Shaq’s expense. But this wasn’t the first time when the two got each other’s goats.  

The Rock once tweeted that he would “slap” Shaquille O’Neal’s lips off his face

In 2012, WWE pitted two of the greatest wrestlers, The Rock and John Cena, against each other. Their showdown was slated to take place at the grandest stage. The Era Vs Era match caused a divide between the fans. Some fans sided with The Rock, while others rooted for John Cena. Taking to Twitter, “The Big Shamrock” tweeted in support of John Cena. 

The Rock hilariously replied to Shaq’s tweet and stated he’d slap his lips off his face the next time they met. 

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