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Former WWE Superstar Recalls Being Ridiculed by John Cena Before Getting Fired!

Archie Blade

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Former WWE Superstar recalls being ridiculed by John Cena before getting fired from the promotion over a rib that wasn’t well received.

Cryme Tyme was a popular act during their short time in WWE. In fact, they beat the Spirit Squad, reigning World Tag Team Champions at the time, on their debut. However, the tag team did not last very long in the promotion. They were released before they could even complete a year.

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During a recent appearance on “Wrestling with Rip Rogers”, JTG, one half of Cryme Tyme recalled the absurd reason why they were let go. According to the former WWE Superstar they were subject to a rib during their match with Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch and they didn’t take it too well.

Former WWE Superstar recalls being ridiculed by John Cena before getting fired!

JTG was counted out of the match and Cryme Tyme were handed a loss despite not being scripted to. This irked the duo. A raging Shad Gaspard then took it out on the referee.

He took off his belt and auctioned it to the crowd. The former WWE Superstar claimed that the issue was born out of a backstage argument that took place between Cade and Gaspard and had spilled into the ring.

However, their actions were chastised backstage by Barry Wyndham. They were also ridiculed by John Cena in front of the locker room before they got the hairdryer treatment from John Laurinaitis. They were terminated the next day.

“We got ridiculed by John Cena in front of the locker room and then on the ride to the next show, we got a good tongue lashing from John Laurinaitis and then the next day we were fired. That was the longest ride home. I was just going through my head like I worked this hard just to get released because of a prank, some bullsh**?”

Fortunately for the tag team, the WWE recalled them half a year later. However, they never reached the same level of popularity they had in their first year. Nor were they ever successful in winning Tag Team gold.

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Archie Blade


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