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“He became hated” – How was Bray Wyatt perceived by WWE backstage?

Ajay Morab
|Thu Jul 07 2022

Dave Meltzer speaks about the relationship between Vince and Wyatt. Also, behind the curtain scenes about how Bray Wyatt was perceived by WWE.

Bray Wyatt ended his tenure with the company of WWE in July 2021. The wrestler was associated with the company for a period of ten years. The tenure ended when Wyatt was released by WWE in 2021. During his tenure with the company of WWE, Wyatt was viewed as someone that did more harm than good by certain people backstage. The view was delivered by Dave Meltzer. Dave recently made an appearance on the latest edition of “Wrestling Observer Radio.”

The decision to remove Wyatt, as per Dave was certainly not based upon his in-ring performance. During his time, Wyatt was the third highest-paid wrestler in the company. He occupied the space after Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins. Dave briefed that there was another reason he was let go.

But, he does not say what that is and opens a can of worms. Apart from this, there were also allegations made that Bray damaged a whole lot of young talent when he was associated with the company. Bray used to beat them decisively. One such example stated by Dave was Seth Rollins and how his feud with Wyatt did not click in their eyes.

Behind the curtain scenes about how Bray Wyatt was perceived by WWE

Having said this, the company of WWE also viewed him highly in other regards. He sold a lot of merchandise. It is something that WWE has always looked for. The company had also signed a contract with the wrestler of which he made $3 million every year. The former two-time Universal Champion was someone that proved to be polarizing behind the scenes. It was in terms of how he was perceived as a top act. This also falls in line with the recent comments made by Matt Hardy. He said that the WWE Boss “always had a very strange relationship,” with Bray Wyatt.

Hardy stated that Vince always looked at Wyatt like his son. But, also hated him when he did something that Vince McMahon did not like. “He became hated,” said Matt talking about the ill behaviour of the WWE Chief towards Wyatt.

After his release from the company, Bray is yet to make a comeback to the wrestling world. He recently teased his fans and the followers of wrestling by hinting at the fact that he could make a comeback. But, there are still the clouds of uncertainty wandering around it. Following the departure of the wrestler, WWE has yet to fill the void when it comes to supernatural gimmicks, but that could change soon.

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