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“I am still always a part of WWE” – Chris Jericho on ending his career in WWE

Yasser Ayaz
|Wed Aug 17 2022

Former WWE Champion Chris Jericho once gave insights into whether he would finish his pro wrestling career in WWE.

Before leaving the company in 2016, Chris Jericho had already established himself as one of the legends of WWE. The Demo God has held multiple titles in his decades-long run with WWE. However, Jericho signed with All Elite Wrestling(AEW) in 2019 and is also one of the founding members of the company. The former WWE star also plays a huge role in AEW’s success.

Though, when it comes to his retirement, many believe Chris Jericho will end his career in WWE. However, the AEW superstar does not think that way. The Demo God spoke about the matter when he sat with Chris Van Vliet.

Chris Jericho thinks of himself as a part of WWE despite where his career ends

During his interview, the leader of Jericho Appreciation Society opened up about his time in WWE and discussed if he would finish his pro wrestling profession in WWE. Jericho stated that he never anticipated his career to be this long. The AEW star then mentioned his 2016 storyline with Kevin Owens and described how that uplifted his in-ring career again.

Chris Jericho added he does not look at his job that way, and even if he ends his career elsewhere, he will still be a part of WWE. The former WWE star believes his name in WWE is cemented and will remain forever. He stated:

“Who knows man, I mean, I don’t ever really think about what I am going to be doing in the future. If I finish my career with WWE or AEW. My time in the WWE is cemented if I go back or not… I mean, I am still always a part of WWE…”

The Demo God is all set for one more shot for the AEW Gold

Chris Jericho was the biggest star when All Elite Wrestling(AEW) came into existence in 2019. The former WWE champion is currently aiding new superstars like Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevara come to light by leading a faction like Jericho Appreciation Society.

However, since he won the inaugural AEW championship in 2019, Jericho has not been in the title picture again. But, the leader of the stable will finally be getting an opportunity to become a 2-time AEW champion. Chris Jericho is scheduled to face Jon Moxley(C) on the August 10 episode of AEW Dynamite for the Interim AEW World Title.

Nevertheless, considering the impactful career he had in WWE, it is certain that the Demo God will return one day. As of now, it is unclear if or when Chris Jericho will be coming back to WWE. Let’s see, if Triple H could manage to strike a deal with him when his current AEW contract expires.

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