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“I lost sight of who I was supposed to be”- Liv Morgan opens up on her WWE return last year

Archie Blade

Liv Morgan opens up on her WWE return last year

Liv Morgan opens up on her WWE return last year in December as Lana’s past lover. The Riott Squad member says it was very hard on her.

Liv Morgan is one of those WWE Stars that many believe deserve much more than they have. She has shown on several occasions that she is very talented and is constantly improving. She has hardly put a foot wrong regardless of what the promotion has asked her to do.

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Morgan has received several pushes from the WWE. Most however, seem to have ended just when it seemed like they were going somewhere. She fought Charlotte Flair in July last year. What seemed like a new program turned out to be a one off and Morgan wasn’t seen on TV until December.

Morgan was told that she was to receive a new character but was given very little details except that they wanted a “stripped-down Liv with less makeup and less distraction.’ To play it safe, she dyed her hair blonde.

She was supposed to have a dark match with Ember Moon. However, the match got cancelled. This left Morgan upset. She later found out the reason behind the move.

“It turned out that I was not supposed to be exposed to this crowd, not in my final debut form. So pretty much I couldn’t do this dark match. I’m not to be seen until I debut back on WWE TV. I was shocked, but it was encouraging because the boss didn’t want anyone to see me not on TV and find a form. I was like, ‘Oh cool. I’m not forgotten about, everyone still cares. We want my new character to stay under wraps until its debut.’

Liv Morgan opens up on her WWE return last year

Morgan would finally make her WWE re-debut as Lana’s past lover in December last year. This was during the Bobby Lashley and Lana Wedding storyline.

“I got a FaceTime from Paul Heyman. Tell me this is your debut. I’m like, ‘Yes!’ because none of my pitches worked. None of anyone else’s pitches worked; I’m about to debut,” Morgan recalled on her WWE Network special: Liv Forever.. “He says that I will be crashing Bobby and Lana’s wedding and revealing myself as a past secret lover of Lana. The thought process was to re-debut Liv in the biggest way possible.”

This was the most spotlight she had ever received in her career. However, Morgan admitted that she struggled with confidence issues while playing the character.

“I got told we were going with Liv as an undefined character. As we kept going, I kind of lost more and more sight of who I was supposed to be,” revealed Morgan. “I’m getting the most spotlight I’ve ever gotten since I’ve been signed. This is not the time to not look confident or strong on TV, but it was very hard just because I just didn’t believe in myself.”

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