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“I Can’t Even Be a Heel When I’m a Heel” – Ronda Rousey Reacts to the Double Standards of WWE Fans

Yasser Ayaz

Ronda Rousey talks about fans

2-time WWE women’s champion Rowdy Ronda Rousey recently gave her honest thoughts about the double standards of fans.

Just like many in the past, Ronda Rousey is also one of those WWE stars who get a very polarizing response from the crowd. Obviously, some fans love her, but there are also some who hate her no matter what. Be it a heel or face gimmick, Rousey never gets over properly. There has been a lot of debate about why fans react to her that way.

During her YouTube Live Stream recently, the Baddest Woman of the Planet discussed her 30 September SmackDown segment with Liv Morgan where she got attacked with a baseball bat. Rousey opened up on the two-faced nature fans show when it comes to her.

Ronda Rousey slams fans for showing double standards to her

For the last few months, Rousey was entangled in a feud with Liv Morgan for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. When she lost her title at Money In The Bank, the crowd cheered her for a while but eventually turned their back again.

Talking on her live stream, Ronda Rousey used her SmackDown segment with Liv Morgan as an example to reveal the double standards of fans. The 2-time women’s champion noted that despite Morgan being face, the crowd cheered when she took cheap shots with the baseball bat.

Rousey stated that her opponents can do anything to her and fans will enjoy that. They will applaud face superstars when they do wrong and call them inspiring babyfaces. But, when it comes to her, Ronda Rousey claims fans don’t let her be a heel even when she wants to. She said:

“I feel like that’s a double standard that everybody else gets to attack me from behind, gets to hit me with bats, gets to do all this other stuff… So, I’m like, what the heck. I can’t even be a heel when I’m a heel.”

Anyway, no matter how the crowd reacts, the Baddest Woman on the Planet gets what she wants in the ring. After months of struggle, she finally got her hands on the blue brand’s women’s title.

The Baddest Woman on the Planet recently won her SmackDown Women’s Championship back

After losing her championship at this year’s Money In The Bank, Rousey went through a lot. She got suspended and lost two back-to-back matches against Liv Morgan. Not to forget, her back and forth with the authority figure Adam Pierce.

Eventually, she got one more opportunity for the title at the recent Extreme Rules PPV. Making Liv Morgan pass out a submission, Ronda Rousey finally won her SmacDown Women’s Championship back.

Nevertheless, unlike her fans, Ronda Rousey has no double standards. Her only way to the top of the ladder is by dominating her opponents in the ring. Previously in MMA, now in WWE, The Baddest Woman on the Planet keeps setting new standards in the ring.

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