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“I think it is something in my future” – NBA megastar Dwight Howard on his recent WWE tryout appearance

Yasser Ayaz
|Tue Aug 16 2022

Los Angeles Lakers star Dwight Howard was spotted at the recent WWE tryout sessions. The NBA star wants to join WWE in the future.

NBA and WWE have shared a great association over the years. From Shaquille O’Neal to Lonzo Ball and Karl Malone, many Basketball stars have appeared on WWE tv in the past. Though all the appearances were mostly one-time or for a short run. However, Los Angeles Lakers Dwight Howard is looking at WWE as a legit career in the future.

Recently, the 6’10 Basketball star was seen making a surprise appearance at the WWE tryout before SummerSlam 2022. Howard also delivered an impressive promo during the event.

Later, he had a conversation with The Morning Column’s Arash Markazi where he talked about his tryout experience. He also shared his future plans regarding WWE.

Dwight Howard loves wrestling and joining WWE is certainly in his plans

While speaking to Markazi, Howard thanked WWE for providing him with an opportunity to be a part of the tryout. He then shared how the promo he delivered was spontaneous. The NBA also confessed his love of WWE and Wrestling and appeared serious about joining the company.

In fact, Dwight Howard desires to wrestle in the WWE ring one day. He wants to hold up a championship in the biggest pro wrestling in the world. Since Howard started his NBA career in Orlando, he seemed blessed if his WWE career kick-starts in the same city.

However, Howard added there is still a lot of Basketball left in him, and will surely be playing the next season. But, if things don’t pan out well, the current Lakers star is open to signing with WWE.

Well, the promo delivered by the NBA star seemed promising during the tryouts. Who knows, with Triple H leading the Creative Department, fans might see another Basketball player in WWE. Though this time, it could be on a full-time basis.

The eight-time NBA All-Star delivered an excellent promo during the tryout

Howard’s love for pro wrestling was pretty evident during the promo he delivered at a WWE tryout session in Nashville. The one-time NBA champion used his wrestling alias, Sho’nuff (the villain from the 1985 movie The Last Dragon) to showcase his mic skills. Everyone in attendance seemed impressed with the Lakers star and enjoyed his performance.

Nevertheless, Dwight Howard has appeared on WWE tv in the past a couple of times. One of them was during a live event in 2015 where he interrupted former WWE stars Russove and Lana.

Considering his size and weight, the NBA star will definitely be considered for a WWE deal. Let’s see, if the WWE management notices a future champion in him or not. 

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