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“I was out. I went to sleep” – AJ Styles recalls legitimately getting choked out during a match

Archie Blade

AJ Styles recalls legitimately getting choked out during a match

AJ Styles recalls legitimately getting choked out during a match. The Phenomenal One was lucky that it happened during the finish of the match.

Despite only joining the WWE back in 2016, AJ Styles has already had a (no pun intended) phenomenal career in the promotion. He is already a grand slam champion and won his first WWE Championship back in 2016 itself. He went on to win the title again back in 2017 before holding it for over a year.

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During his second reign, Styles faced a number of opponents, one of whom was Samoa Joe. The submission machine was recently a guest on  Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast and revealed that he enjoyed executing the Coquina Clutch on Styles because he liked the smell of his hair.

AJ Styles recalls legitimately getting choked out during a match

Styles, appeared on the same podcast as the guest this week. Satin told Styles what Joe told him and jokingly asked what conditioner he used. Styles replied saying:

“I don’t, I don’t, man, I don’t [know what conditioner I use]. Did he ever tell you when he finally got the Coquina Clutch on me and totally choked me out? I was out. I went to sleep in a match. Thank God it was the finish because I was asleep.”

Styles and Joe had quite a feud over the WWE Championship. The two fought from SummerSlam until Crown Jewel back in 2018. During their rivalry Joe made it personal by involving Styles’ family. He claimed that he would beat the WWE Champion and become the “new daddy”.

In the end, Styles came out victorious after beating him for the last time at Crown Jewel. Styles then went on to lose the title to Daniel Bryan but not before becoming only the 8th man to have held the WWE Championship for a continuous reign of a full year.

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