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“If you don’t want to work in WWE, don’t be here” – Finn Balor’s recommendation for those who want to leave WWE

Yasser Ayaz

Finn Balor WWE

The Judgment day leader Finn Balor recently shared what he tells the young WWE superstars who don’t want to work for WWE. 

Finn Balor is a popular name in the indies, Japan, Mexico, and Europe. The leader of the Balor Club has been with WWE for more than one decade and has won the NXT, Universal, and United States championships once. Although Finn Balor is not very open with his opinions, his recent conversation on the Cheap Heat podcast was pretty genuine. From missing out on Wrestlemania 38 to his relationship with Vince McMahon and Triple H, Finn Balor shed light on many topics. 

While speaking on the show, the host also asked Balor if superstars come to him for suggestions on whether to leave WWE or not. The first-ever WWE Universal Champion responded to the question with an interesting take.

Finn Balor believes if someone wants out of WWE, they should leave

The RAW superstar stated that if someone asks for his guidance, he asks them to leave if they want to. Balor added superstars often get stuck in a bubble called WWE, which is not the right way. If someone is unhappy in WWE, they should go out and explore other options.

Moreover, the leader of Balor Club noted there are many options available outside WWE that can be considered. However, Finn Balor elucidated that he is in WWE because he wants to work here. He said:

“Yeah, for sure, and I tell them to go. There’s a whole other world… Sometimes we get caught up in the bubble that’s WWE, and there’s a whole world of wrestling outside there. If someone doesn’t want to be here, they should go. If you don’t want to work in WWE, don’t be here. For me, I want to be here, so that’s why I’m here.”

Well, the advice may not please every WWE fan, but the Demon King did make a fair point. Numerous stars left the company, made a name for themselves, and then made a shocking return. One of the recent is The American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes.

The sad story First-Ever Universal Champion in WWE History

Finn Balor made an impactful main roster debut in 2016 when he won a tournament that featured stars like Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn. The Demon King defeated Seth Rollins in his pay-per-view debut and became the first-ever WWE Universal champion at the SummerSlam PPV of 2016. Unfortunately, Balor had to forfeit the championship in 24 hours as he was injured during the match.

Cut to six years later, the first Universal Champion had to recollect the incident during the show. Finn Balor shared how he sees that injury and stated that he overcame a career-threatening injury in 2016. So, every match he wrestles ever since is a bonus to him. The former Universal champion also assured fans of the return of Demon Balor in the future.

Nevertheless, compared to the main roster, fans have seen the best of Finn Balor only in NXT. Now that Triple H is in charge, it is very much possible that things will change for the leader of Judgment Day.

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