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Triple H Reportedly Wanted to Replace Universal Title With World Heavyweight Championship Last Year

Yasser Ayaz

Triple H Universal Championship

Triple H has made a lot of subtle changes in WWE in the last eight months of his run as the Creative Head. Not only has the wrestling quality improved, but he has also made the mid-card titles look more valuable. However, it seems the Chief Content Officer isn’t much of a fan of a specific title. According to a recent report, Triple H, at one point, wanted to scrap the WWE Universal Championship.

Since its introduction in 2016, the Universal title has been a topic of debate for fans and critics. In fact, the title was considered cursed until Roman Reigns brought some credibility to it. So far, 8 superstars have held the title, but other than Roman and Lesnar, nobody’s reign has been noteworthy.

Triple H wanted to replace the WWE Universal Championship with the World Heavyweight Championship

Recently, Fight Fans reported that just like fans, Triple H also didn’t like the WWE Universal Championship. In fact, when he took over last year, he thought about getting rid of it.

According to a source who spoke to Fight Fans, Triple H considered scrapping the WWE Universal Championship last year.

“HHH suggested retiring the [Universal] Championship at one time; he really doesn’t like the title.” the source stated.

The source also added that The Game wanted to replace the title with the old World Heavyweight Championship. However, the plans were nixed considering its value for “the dual champion role”. 

Moreover, the design of the replacement was inconsistent with the current belts in the company. Fight Fans also claimed that Triple H might spit Reign’s titles “shortly after WrestleMania”.

The Game intends to solve the Undisputed Titles problem before this year’s SummerSlam

The Undisputed Titles have been a headache for WWE’s Creative Team for almost a year now. It was reported that Mr. McMahon made Roman Reigns dual champion at WrestleMania 38 without any future plans. Well, the old regime’s mindless booking decision is now stinging the new one.

However, just like Vince’s other wrongs, Triple H looks to right this one very soon. In fact, there are reports he might split the titles after WrestleMania 39.

Most probably, the whole thing might happen during the 2023 Draft, which is rumored to take place anytime next month. WrestleVotes recently claimed the Creative Head aims to solve the problem before SummerSlam 2023.

Nevertheless, if Triple H doesn’t like the WWE Universal Championship, the Draft might be the right time to get rid of it. Though as of now, other than the title split, nothing can be said for sure.

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