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“I’m living rent free in Big moneys head!” – NXT Star responds to dig from Matt Hardy

Archie Blade

NXT Star responds to dig from  Matt Hardy

NXT Star responds to dig from  Matt Hardy. The AEW star took to social media to take a shot at the talent from the Gold and Black brand.

Matt Hardy left WWE and joined AEW last year. He debuted with his ‘Broken’ gimmick but a lack of audience forced Hardy to try out other gimmicks such as Matt Hardy V1, and Unkillable Matt Hardy before finally settling on Big Money Matt; a braggart who constantly talks about how much wealth he has.

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This gimmick is similar to NXT Star Cameron Grimes current character as the “richest man in NXT”. Grimes, who was trained by the Hardy Bros, became the butt of a joke by the AEW star on social media. Hardy posted a throwback picture on Twitter of the three of them asking fans which two Superstars amongst the three of them are the wealthiest.

NXT Star Cameron Grimes responds to dig from  Matt Hardy

Grimes seemed to have a comeback ready, replying almost instantly:

“Easy to stay rich when I’m living rent free in Big moneys head! No disrespect Matt but you can #KissMyGRITS”

Grimes was  written out of NXT TV after being attacked by Timothy Thatcher on the December 9th episode of NXT. In reality, he needed an arthroscopic knee surgery. Grimes returned last month and claimed that he had become a GameStop investor during his time away in reference to the real-life incident of the GameStop stock rise in January 2021.

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Archie Blade

Archie Blade


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