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WWE News: Is Finn Balor going to Join AJ Styles and the club?

Archungshang Thouman
|Sun Jul 21 2019

WWE News: Is Finn Balor going to Join AJ Styles and the club now that he has dropped the Intercontinental title to Shinsuke Nakamura?

Finn Balor will forever be known for two things his entire life. One for being the first ever Universal Champion. The second will be creating the ‘Bullet Club’; a Japanese faction, that for a good five years or so, was the hottest thing in wrestling all around the world.

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Balor signed a contract with the WWE and was replaced by AJ Styles as the leader of the NWO inspired faction. The phenomenal one though, joined Balor soon after as he made his way in to the WWE too. Styles did not come alone however, as he bought with himself Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson; two formidable members of the bullet club.

The WWE paired the trio up bet left Balor out of it despite their obvious connections. They teased a coming together here and there through backstage segments but nothing ever came off it. Styles and Balor clashed once. Balor himself was paired with the good brothers for a while. However, the four have never been clubbed together despite the fans clamouring for it.

Balor to Join the Club!

However, it looks like the WWE is finally ready to listen to the fans. WWE Insider Brad Shepard has reported that Finn Balor losing the Intercontinental Championship was Paul Heyman’s idea. The long-term plan here is to have Balor join the club eventually.

How they do that is anyone’s guess. One way to achieve that though is to have him return as a surprise member of the club following his reported two month break from the WWE. This allows him to come back in time for Survivor Series, a Pay-per-view made famous for it’s novelty survival tag matches.

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