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Is Mercedes Mone Making More Than Chris Jericho Made in NJPW?

Rishabh Singh

Mercedes Mone WWE return

Mercedes Mone f.k.a Sasha Banks made her highly anticipated appearance at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom at took out IWGP Women’s Champion, Kairi. Her official departure from WWE came from the infamous walkout in May 2022, when she and her tag team partner Naomi left their tag team Championships at Johnny Ace’s desk and walked out over creative disagreements. After almost eight months, Mone made her debut in New Japan. 

It was previously reported that WWE refused to extend their contract with Mone as her asking price was too high. News about her large per-appearance deal with NJPW also made rounds on social media that implied that she made more than Chris Jericho during the latter’s stint with NJPW.

But a new report suggests that Mercedes Mone’s earnings are a far cry from what Chris Jericho made in the late 2010s. 

Mercedes Mone is reportedly not making more than Chris Jericho did in NJPW

Dave Meltzer reported in December that Chris Jericho made $100,000 a shot from NJPW. He also noted that Jericho was underpaid due to the meager revenue he drove between New Japan World and ticket sales.

According to the latest report from Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Mercedes Mone’s earnings at NJPW are “not even close” to what Chris Jericho made back when he wrestled for NJPW. The report also states that the money she is making with NJPW is not even at the level she could get with WWE or AEW. 

“The story that was going around that Mercedes Mone was making more than Chris Jericho made here is incorrect. It’s not even close. The money is not at the level she could get with WWE or AEW.”

Mercedes Mone is slated to face Kairi at NJPW Battle In The Valley for the IWGP Women’s Championship on February 18. 

Mercedes Mone and Naomi are set to make another appearance at an event

Although Naomi’s status in wrestling is still in limbo, she is set to make an appearance alongside Mercedes Mone at The Emerald City Comic Con’s event in Seattle on March 4th and 5th. During their suspension from WWE after the walkout, the Boss and Glow duo were spotted attending New York Fashion Week in September last year.

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