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After Mercedes Mone, Is Her Former Tag Team Partner, Naomi, Through With WWE Too?

Rishabh Singh

Naomi WWE exit

Former Woman’s Champion, Naomi, has confirmed on social media that she has left WWE. Noami has been absent from WWE TV for almost a year due to her suspension that came from the infamous walkout. Back in May 2022, Sasha Banks and Naomi notoriously walked out of WWE during the taping of Monday Night Raw. The duo was reportedly unhappy with the Creative booking of the Women’s division.

Following the walkout, the promotion stripped the duo of their Women’s Tag Team Championship. With Triple H as the new Head of Creative, fans expected WWE to bring the duo back.

However, Sasha Banks joined NJPW in January as Mercedes Mone. Naomi’s status with WWE remained in limbo until she recently made it clear that she is no longer with the Stamford-based company. 

Naomi confirms she is done with WWE

Naomi took to Instagram to advertise her appearance at Wrestlecon. In the comment section, a fan asked the former Women’s Champion if she was still a part of WWE. Naomi’s response did not portend her return to WWE.

Naomi replied- “no frien” to the fan.

Naomi made it to the main roster of WWE in 2012. The Glowing female superstar made her debut cutting a rug with Brodus Clay as a member of the Funkadactyls. 


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It should be noted that WWE’s roster page on its website still features Naomi. The 35-year-old was speculated to return to WWE and work alongside her husband, Jimmy Uso. Although Naomi isn’t prioritizing her wrestling career at the moment, it remains to be seen if she ever returns to WWE or pursues a career elsewhere like Sasha Banks. 

Mercedes Mone says nobody knows what happened with her and Naomi in WWE

So far, Mercedes Mone is enjoying a successful run in NJPW as the new IWGP Women’s Champion. The CEO defeated Kairi at the Battle in the Valley PPV and claimed the title.

During a Q&A session with Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Mone was asked to comment on her situation with WWE. The 31-year-old claimed nobody knows what happened to them in WWE. Mone insinuated that the media isn’t privy to what really happened. She further refused to give any more details about the incident. 

“First of all, nobody knows the story (of what happened between myself, Naomi & WWE), you don’t know the story. But you’re reading whatever you wanna read and believing whatever you wanna believe. Nobody knows the story because I haven’t said anything, and I’m not going to say anything because that’s just the classy boss that I am, the CEO.”

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