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Mercedes Mone Could Make WWE Return as Sasha Banks but Will Have to Give Up Certain Demands

Rishabh Singh

Mercedes Mone WWE return

One of the biggest shockers of 2020 in WWE was when Sasha Banks and Naomi notoriously walked out during the taping of Raw. Unsatisfied with the way they were being booked, the duo left their tag team Championships and never returned. Sasha Banks is now known as Mercedes Mone in NJPW. Although she is the IWGP Champion, her time with the company is running out. Mone is not slated to be on the card of NJPW after April 23rd. However, the silver lining is that she could potentially return to WWE. 

A new report shed light on the possibility of Mercedes Mone’s return to WWE. But, for WWE to open doors for her again, she is going to give up on certain demands she made. Let’s not forget that Mone is also set to make an appearance at the Forbidden Door. That said, there is also a likelihood of her signing up with AEW if not WWE. 

Mercedes Mone’s WWE return is possible under certain conditions

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the idea of Sasha Banks/Mercedes Mone returning to the Stamford-based company is not inconceivable. However, in order to sign up with WWE again, she is going to have to give up on certain “points”.

It should be noted that ahead of her release from WWE, it was reported that her asking price was too high. So, maybe that’s an allusion to the “points” she made. 

“There were points that she has asked for that she would have to give up asking for to sign a deal with them but the door is open for her otherwise.”

Nevertheless, if Mone doesn’t wish to further her career with WWE, Tony Khan would most likely be interested in signing up the 31-year-old star. Mone is slated to mix it up with AEW talents soon at the Forbidden Door II. While Mone’s return to WWE is still a possibility, Naomi made it clear that she is no longer a part of WWE on her social media. 

Naomi reveals she is through with WWE on social media

The former Women’s Champion took to Instagram to promote her appearance at WrestleCon. In the comments section, a fan asked Naomi about her status with WWE. Up until now, Naomi’s status with WWE remained in limbo. However, she revealed to the fan that she is no longer a part of the WWE. On being asked if she was still with WWE, Naomi replied- “no friend”

Interestingly, the roster page of WWE’s website still features Naomi. The 35-year-old was speculated to make her return and join Bloodline, working alongside her husband, Jimmy Uso. Not it’s conspicuous that Naomi has no desire to be in the WWE.

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