“It bothered me at first” – AEW Superstar on comparisons with John Cena

Yasser Ayaz
|Published August 16, 2022

‘The Acclaimed’ member Max Caster recently shared his honest thoughts about being compared to WWE legend John Cena.

Max Caster featured in a rap battle against the Gunn Club on a recent episode of AEW Rampage. Both tag teams delivered an impressive segment filled with dissing rap verses and got a good cheer from the crowd. However, during the segment Gunn Club’s Austin Gunn mocked Max Caster by name-dropping 16-time WWE champion John Cena. Billy Gunn’s son accused Caster of stealing Cena’s gimmick. 

Not just Austin Gunn, but even fans have often compared Max Caster with the Cenation Leader in the past. All because of his mic skills and gimmick which they find similar to John Cena’s Dr. Thugonomics character. The AEW star recently opened up about the comparisons during his appearance on AllHipHopTV.

Max Caster states he was initially bothered when compared to John Cena

On the show, the AEW star talked about his wrestling career, how rap became an element of his in-ring persona and more. Caster also spoke on the comparisons with John Cena and shared how that makes him feel.

The Acclaimed member confessed that at first, he was bothered when compared with the WWE legend. Max Caster felt bringing something new to the ring was tough as almost everything had already been done. However, the AEW later realized that he was being compared with one of the best pro wrestlers of all time. Praising the WWE legend, Caster seemed okay with the comparisons now. He said:

“The John Cena stuff bothered me at first… But then I realized, ‘Well, you’re comparing me to arguably the greatest wrestler of all time,’ definitely the biggest drawing wrestler of the modern era, or at least the era we’re in now, so it’s not a bad thing.”

Well, the AEW star might not be concerned about the comparisons, he certainly does not wants to continue his pro wrestling venture with the same tag.

The Acclaimed member wants to get past being a Thuganomics rip-off

In one of his past interviews, Max Caster expressed how the Cenation Leader once reached out to him and praised his work. Even John Cena has openly talked about the AEW star and approved his work on the mic. Both pro wrestlers share a mutual admiration for each other’s work.

Although the praise from the Cenation Leader means a lot to the AEW superstar, he does not want to be called a Thuganomics rip-off. He neither desires to beat John Cena but is looking to get over the comparisons. He does not want his work to be remembered as a copy of John Cena.

Nevertheless, The Acclaimed [Max Caster and Anthony Bowens] is currently involved in an intense feud with the Gunn Club on AEW Rampage and Dynamite.

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