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“It was a short fight” – Carlito says Big Show’s backstage altercation with The Great Khali has been exaggerated

Archie Blade

Carlito says Big Show’s backstage altercation with The Great Khali has been exaggerated

Carlito says Big Show’s backstage altercation with The Great Khali has been exaggerated. The two titans fought over a disagreement back in the dressing room.

The real life fight between Big Show and Khali backstage at a WWE event in Puerto Ricois quite well known. In case, you’ve missed out on it, Show wasn’t too pleased with Khali using one of his moves and decided to take matters into his hands.

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This is how Chris Jericho described the incident in his book The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea’.

“‘Khali just stole my move,’ Show mumbled on the apron, and I knew something was gonna go down. He was mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore. We were in the dressing room after the match, and Show was still fuming, steam practically billowing out of his ears.”

“A few seconds later, Show threw the first punch, which connected with a loud smack to Khali’s overdeveloped jaw. It rocked him backwards, but he didn’t go down and Khali landed a punch of his own. With the opening shots fired, the floodgates opened and the two titans began swinging like Tiger Williams.”

“I counted at least five more smacks and cracks as the blows connected with each other’s faces, shoulders, necks and chests. I had a front-row seat for King Kong vs. Godzilla and they were in a fight to death. Nobody in the locker room was too keen to break them up either and besides, how could we? Their fists were as big as my head!”

Carlito says Big Show’s backstage altercation with The Great Khali has been exaggerated

During a conversation with James Romero of Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Carlito claimed that the fight had been exxagerated in the years since and unlike Jericho who described the fight as furious, Carlito remembered it as being funny instead.

“It was just funny to see these two giants all of a sudden going at it, and then just to see my bag get basically destroyed by them. But that was just funny to us to see these two giants going at each other. It was a short fight, quick fight. Not much damage, but just the visual of those two getting up and falling over. That’s probably the most memorable one [fight].”

“I think all the myths and legends get exaggerated as the years go by. It was quick, man. I forgot what it was for. They said a couple of words, they lunged at each other, kind of fell over the bags, kind of rolled on each other a little bit. Maybe got one, two punches at the most, and then everybody came in and separated them.”

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