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Lashley Dominates Apollo Crews to Win The United States title at the WWE Payback opener

Prateek Arya

Lashley Dominates Apollo Crews to Win The United States title at the WWE Payback opener

Lashley defeats Apollo Crews at the WWE Payback opener, and became the new United States champion.

The Hurt business and Apollo Crews have been in a constant tussle for very long. Crews in the past has had an upper hand over MVP, but this time he was up against the Almighty Bobby Lashley. And unlike last week on Raw, where Apollo prevailed in an Arm wrestling match over Lashley, things did not pan out the way Crews wanted, and ultimately lost his United States Title.

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Apollo Crews(c) Vs. Bobby Lashley: Match Summary

WWE Payback main card kicked-off with United States Title on the line. Apollo Crews, while making his way to the ring gave a tribute to the Late Chadwick Boseman.

In the match, from the outset Lashley implied his authority over Apollo Crews, and the other members of the Hurt Business viz. MVP and Shelton Banjamin, were cheering the Powerhouse from the outside. After the initial dominance by Lashley, the champ came back into the, match and with some athletic maneuvers attained control in the contest. Crews applied everything (Standing Moonsault, German Suplex, Frog Splash) that he had under his belt, yet could not go beyond a near 3. Lashley, in the end proved to be too powerful for Apollo Crews, and made Crews submit to Full Nelson. And thus, Lashley became the new WWE United States champion.

This would be Lashley’s second tenure as United States Champion. He first got hold of this title back in 2006.

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