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“Of course, yeah” – The Rock talks about wrestling in the WWE ring again

Yasser Ayaz
|Mon Jul 25 2022

Wrestler-turned-Hollywood actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson recently revealed if he sees himself making a return to WWE in the future.

Just like Hollywood, The Rock had made an impact not just in WWE but in the whole pro wrestling world. The Great One was one of WWE’s top attractions during the Attitude Era, where he held the world title 10 times. But, the former WWE star has made fewer in-ring appearances since he jumped to Hollywood.

However, if WWE approaches The Great One, fans might see The Rock in the ring again. The 10-time world champion recently commented on his possible return to the WWE ring.

The Rock says he his open to wrestling again in the WWE ring

Recently, Entertainment Tonight interviewed The Rock where he talked about many things related to WWE and his Hollywood ventures. The former star hailed WWE superstar Montez Ford for his athleticism and noted that the Street Profits member has a great future. Moreover, The Brahma Bull talked about his daughter Ava Raine (Simone Johnson) making her WWE debut.

However, when asked whether he will be interested in making a return to WWE, the former 10-time champion seemed open to the idea. The Rock responded and stated he is always open to the offer. He said:

“Of course, yeah. I’m always open for that [a return to wrestling], for sure…”

Anyway, with Wrestlemania 39 scheduled in Hollywood, who knows, Rock might be making a return to WWE.

Last time when WWE fans saw the former 10-time champion in some in-ring action

Although he has made occasional appearances, The Rock has not wrestled a match since 2013. The Great One last WWE appearance was on the 20th anniversary of SmackDown in 2019. But, he wrestled his last match in WWE against The Cenation Leader, John Cena at Wrestlemania 29. Both legends headlined two consecutive Wrestlemanias in 2012 and 2013. While The Great One emerged victorious in the Wrestlemania 28 match, it was Mr. Hustle Loyalty Respect who has the last laugh over him. Cena pinned The Rock in his last WWE match.

Nevertheless, if The Great One returns, Wrestlemania 39 might be the best time. Since Wrestlemania would be hosted in Hollywood, it will make more sense if the WWE-star-turned-actor makes a return there. 

However, this time, the rivalry would be against his own cousin, Roman Reigns. Even there are speculations that The Rock will be facing The Tribal Chief at Wrestlemania 39. Both have expressed their desire to face each other in WWE in the past. Who knows, next year’s showcase of immortals might get more electrifying with the return of The People’s Champ.

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