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“Protect Roman at all costs” – How Vince McMahon wants to portray Roman Reigns revealed

Archie Blade

How Vince McMahon wants to portray Roman Reigns revealed

How Vince McMahon wants to portray Roman Reigns revealed. The Tribal Chief is the biggest star in the promotion today.

Roman Reigns is without a doubt WWE’s top star at the moment. The company has always wanted to place the Tribal Chief in that position, however, fans rejected his initial push. They only came around after the promotion turned him heel at SummerSlam last year.

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Unlike most heels in the company though, Reigns is not booked like a cowardly heel. So far, he has dominated every feud he has been a part of. It appears that the WWE have intentionally booked him in that manner. This is so because of reasons that pertain to the company’s future.

How Vince McMahon wants to portray Roman Reigns revealed

According to, Reigns is booked to dominate his feuds is because of the feeling that he needs to be booked like this for when he wrestles The Rock. Vince McMahon also wants to keep him protected because he sees him as the guy that will carry the company for the next few years.

“Vince doesn’t want to portray Roman as a cowardly heel who gets his ass kicked 50 percent of the time. He’s the guy who will carry the company for the next few years and Vince sees him as his top priority. Protect Roman at all costs.”

Roman has had several competitive matches since turning heel. His matches against Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan come to mind. However, the Tribal Chief has always come out on top with a dominating win. In fact, he defended his Universal Championship against Edge and Bryan at Wrestlemania by pinning them both at the same time!

Reigns is scheduled to defend his Universal Championship inside Hell in a Cell against Rey Mysterio this Sunday at June 20th.

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