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Suspended Superstar Naomi Reportedly Expected To Return To WWE

Yasser Ayaz

Naomi WWE exit

Last year, before the May 16 edition of RAW, Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out leaving their tag team titles backstage. Both women were trying to express their dissatisfaction over the direction of the women’s division. However, that didn’t go well with the higher-ups and got them suspended from the company. Since then, a lot has been said and talked about the WWE return of Sasha Banks but nothing about Naomi.

Well, finally there is something about the future of the former two-time WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion with WWE. In the recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bryan Alvarez discussed the current situation of Naomi. In the report, he also shed light on whether she will return to WWE or not.

“Naomi is expected to return to WWE,” Bryan Alvarez stated

Since last month, rumors have been circulating that Sasha Banks will appear at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 17 on January 4, 2023. In fact, a recent report claims Bayley will also be in Japan to support The Boss. With all that going around, there was conjecture that Naomi might also be at the event. However, on Tuesday’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bryan Alvarez disagreed with that.

According to Alvarez, Bayley and Naomi won’t be appearing at the NJPW event on January 4. Although there is no official confirmation of that, he seemed sure about his belief. Alvarez then went on to state that Naomi, in fact, would return to WWE.

He stated:

“They’re not going to New Japan, Naomi, and Bayley… my impression is she [Naomi] will be returning to WWE.”

If what Alvarez asserted is true, then Naomi will eventually return to WWE. Though there is no as to when that will happen. Who knows, the former 2-time Smackdown Women’s Champion could make her comeback at the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV.

What was the real reason behind their controversial walkout last year?

Before the incident, Sasha Banks and Naomi were WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions which they won on Night 2 of WrestleMania 38. However, under the Chairmanship of Vince McMahon, the division was utilized in a weird manner. Rather than using them as a tag team, the ex-WWE CEO included them as fillers for main titles.

Dissatisfied with the booking, both women decided to walk out before the May 16, episode of RAW. Not just that, but they also left their tag team titles backstage. However, when the management responded, their titles were stripped and they were suspended indefinitely.

Nevertheless, according to Bryan Alvarez, Naomi will make her WWE return in the future. As far as her appearance at the NJPW event is concerned, all will be clear within the next 24 hours.

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