Vince McMahon initially thought to give a different name to the mega-event Wrestlemania

Yasser Ayaz
|Published July 24, 2022

WWE’s biggest event was initially supposed to be named something else. Vince McMahon had a different name in mind for Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania is not just a regular pro wrestling event. The name is synonymous with various memorable matches and historic streaks. In fact, Wrestlemania has been the biggest pay-per-view of WWE for the last 38 years. Hosted by the Madison Square Garden, Wrestlemania debuted in front of 19,121 fans in 1985. But, did you know that the show of shows was not initially thought to be named Wrestlemania?

Putting all he had on the line, Vince McMahon introduced his vision to the pro wrestling world and has not stopped ever since. However, the hard work paid as the event has become global now. However, Wrestlemania was not the first choice of word for Mr. McMahon’s biggest investment.

Vince wanted to name Wrestlemania ‘The Colossal Tussle’

This might is a surprise, but Wrestlemania was not the first name considered for the showcase of immortals. Instead, Vince wanted to name Wrestlemania The Colossal Tussle. But, thanks to Long-time WWF ring announcer, Howard Finkel, it became Wrestlemania.

Finkel, the man credited for suggesting the name to Vince McMahon, was a legendary ring announcer in the 80s. Vince McMahon accepted the name suggestion and the rest is history. Wrestlemania seems inspired by the 1960s British musical group The Beatles’ global event name, Beatlemania.

Anyway, the 31 March 1985 event is the biggest name in the world of pro wrestling. Since then, fans have seen megastars like Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, and many more fighting in the squared circle for that ‘Wrestlemania Moment‘.

The first-ever to main event the Show of Shows

From Wrestlemania 1 to 38, WWE has delivered many sensational matches creating history every year. From The Phenom’s Undefeated Streat to Brock Lesnar becoming the one to Break it, WWE fans have witnessed many memorable moments. However, the first-ever Wrestlemania featured nine matches and the main event was a tag team bout. The match saw ‘The Hulkster’ Hulk Hogan and Hollywood star Mr. T defeating Paul Orndorff and Roddy Piper.

Nevertheless, Vince McMahon may be the one to execute the idea, the legendary ring announcer deserves all the appreciation. The 38-year-old event is still marching upward with the upcoming edition moving to Hollywood. Wrestlemania 39 is rumored to feature megastars like The Rock, Brock Lesnar, and Roman Reigns. Let’s hope WWE keeps raising the bar every year with events like Wrestlemania.

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