“We have BLOCKED all trolls and Fraudulent accounts” – Ryback retakes poll regarding next career move, fans still vote for retire

Archungshang Thouman
|Published 10/05/2021

Ryback retakes poll regarding next career move, fans still vote for retire. This is the third time he has asked the fans to weigh in with their opinion.

Former WWE Superstar Ryback seems to be contemplating a return to professional wrestling. He has now polled his twitter followers three times, asking them where they want to see him next. The only problem, it seems, is that a mjority of them do not want to see him inside a professional ring again.

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Ryback’s previous polls saw fans heavily lean towards ‘retire’ as an option. The other choices were WWE/NXT, Impact and AEW. Undeterred, Ryback posted a third poll. This time, he claimed that he had removed and blocked trolls who negatively skewed the previous polls. Unfortunately for him, an overwhelming majority still wanted him to hang his boots.

Ryback retakes poll regarding next career move, fans still vote for retire

“We have BLOCKED all trolls and Fraudulent accounts who negatively skewed the other polls. This is the FINAL and OFFICIAL Where Do You Want Ryback To Return? I Ask You DON’T Vote Retire as a joke, This is as legit as it gets and I will have no choice but to respect the results.”

There are a few things to unpack here. First of all, Ryback claims that fraudulent accounts were made to alter the result.

At the time of writing this article, 65.4% of 16,815 votes have gone in the favor of retire. That is over ten thousand votes. That’s a huge number to simply be casted off as fraudulent.

Secondly, surely Ryback isn’t using a Twitter poll to decide what lies for him in the future?

Also, why add retire as a choice if it’s hard for you to accept that people can and are probably legitimately choosing that as an option?

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