“John Cena Was Stripping at the Bowling Alley” – Former WWE Star Recalls John Cena Getting Drunk and Stripping at a Bowling Alley

Yasser Ayaz
|Published 25/09/2022

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback once shared an anecdote about too drunk John Cena and the aftermath.

Even since Ryback left WWE in 2016, he has endlessly criticized the company and its former CEO Vince McMahon. The former IC champion never skips an opportunity to take shots at WWE.

The Big Guy grumbles about never receiving a big push despite proving himself against top stars like John Cena. However, he did have his fair share of fun moments working in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

In one of the past episodes of The Ryback Show, the former WWE star shared a funny story about him and John Cena. Ryback talked about a bowling game he had with Santino Marella, R-Truth, and Cena.

Ryback shared how John Cena got too drunk and did ‘some really dumb sh*t’

While speaking on his show, the former WWE star recalled going to a bowling alley with his fellow superstars. Ryback claimed that he and R-Truth teamed up against John Cena and Santino Marella to have a bit of fun after a hectic day. But, what made the bowling game more interesting was that the loser had to drink shots after every round.

Ryback admitted he was too drunk by the end of the day but it was John Cena who ended up getting out of control. The Cenation was seen doing stupid things including stripping at the alley later that night. Recalling the hilarious incident, Ryback claimed Cena, who had a reputation for drinking too much was looking like a mess. He stated:

“He[John Cena] was like stripping at the bowling alley and he was doing some really dumb sh*t. And I was f**ked up and I was like, ‘oh man, this guy’s out of control.'”

While narrating the whole saga, Ryback did feel proud about himself as he wasn’t as bad as Cena that day. Well, it’s not just in the bar, the two have also tested each other’s stamina in the ring. 

The Big Guy faced The Cenation Leader in a Last Man Standing match

Both superstars have faced each other a few times in the ring. But, the best match between the two came at the 2013 Extreme Rules. John Cena defended his WWE Championship against Ryback in a Last Man Standing match.

Both superstars delivered outstanding performances and gave everything they could. But, the match ended in a draw as both men went through the stage wall and were declared unfit to continue. Therefore, John Cena, who was a champion at that time retained his belt.

Anyway, Ryback left WWE in 2016 as he was not happy with his pay grade and the creative direction in the company. The former IC champion hasn’t been on good terms with WWE ever since. Now that the regime has changed, let’s see if his relationship with the company gets better or not.

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