“He was also cool enough to bless me with it” – WWE Superstar asked Scott Hall for permission to use entrance and finisher

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|Published 09/05/2021

WWE Superstar asked Scott Hall for permission to use entrance and finisher. The Bad Guy had an inconic finishing move and a unique entrance walk.

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall may have never won the WWE or WCW World Championship during his career. Some however, may argue that he never needed them. Many wrestlers chase titles because they lack the charisma or presence to otherwise hold the attention of fans. Scott Hall was among the few that trancended the need for a championship belt around their waist.

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He had the look and the character work down. The Bad Guy’s legacy isn’t about the accolades he received but the number of fans that looked at him and wished they could act and look just like him. Proof of that is current WWE Superstar Damien Priest.

WWE Superstar Damien Priest asked Scott Hall for permission to use entrance and finisher

Speaking in a WWE Chronicle episode on the WWE Network, Priest revealed that he was a huge Scott Hall fan and even asked him for permission to use both the Razor’s Edge and the legendary surfer walk.

“Of course I was nervous when I asked Scott just permission for anything, whether it was some mannerisms or gear or even moves. As most people know, I use a Razor’s Edge in my repertoire, which he was also cool enough to bless me with it.

“The one thing that was cool, when I was like, ‘Hey, so your walk…’ And he goes, ‘The surfer walk?’ And I was like, ‘Surfer? I didn’t even know it had a name. That’s so cool.’ I remember asking him why he did it, and he was like, ‘Originally it’s because I didn’t want people to touch me, so I would walk in between them and make sure they couldn’t reach me.’”

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