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“Why isn’t there a wrestling union?” – Brooke Hogan asks why Wrestlers do not have a union before avoiding the answer

Ajay Morab
|Tue Apr 26 2022

Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke Hogan recently asked why there was no union for wrestlers before finding out the awkward truth.

Brooke Hogan recently asked the reason for the absence of a wrestling union. The interview explained to Hogan’s daughter that the matter had something to do with a certain someone, to which she replied saying that she wasn’t interested to get into the matter.

“It’s funny. Because I was talking to Brittney Page, Diamond Dallas Page’s daughter, and we were like, ‘why isn’t there a wrestling union.’ I gave it a Google and I really don’t want to dive into that,” said Brooke.

In response to the query raised by the Hogan daughter the reporter responded by saying that there is a reason for the absence of the wrestling union. “There’s a reason and his name is” to which Brooke Hogan responded, “I don’t know. I have no idea whom you’re talking about.”

Hulk Hogan betrayed Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura had an idea to start a union in the wrestling business for the first time. He also detailed why wrestlers shouldn’t be classified as independent contractors when they sign a contract with a promotion that prevents them to work anywhere else.

Jesse Ventura went on to sue Vince McMahon and when he was was deposed in court, the WWE Chairman disclosed that it was Hulk Hogan who warned him about the idea of a union.

Speaking on The Steve Austin Show a few years ago Ventura said:

“And so when we got in there Vince, and my attorney was great. He said, ‘Mr. McMahon,’ he said, ‘has there ever been a union in wrestling?’

Vince [replies], ‘no.’

[The lawyer asks] ‘Anyone ever try to form one?’

Vince sat a minute, he says, ‘well, yeah, as a matter of fact, Jesse Ventura spouted his mouth off about it once years ago.’

And my attorney goes, ‘well, how do you know that? Did you hear him? No? Well, how did you know he spouted his mouth off?’

He didn’t even hesitate. ‘Hulk Hogan told me’…

It was like someone punched me in the face. This was my friend and I thought, ‘Hogan betrayed me? Hogan called Vince and ratted me [out], was an office stooge?’

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