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WrestleMania 39 Spoilers: 35-Year-Old SmackDown Superstar’s Reported Win At WrestleMania Could Make Him a Top Heel Main Eventer By Summer

Rishabh Singh

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The reigning Intercontinental Champion, Gunther, is reportedly in place for a massive push. So far, Gunther has dominated the roster. The Ring General is gearing up to defend his IC Championship in a triple-threat match against Drew McIntyre and Sheamus at the Show of Shows. A new report indicated that Gunther is headed to WrestleMania to retain his Championship. Judging how things are going for Gunther, the 35-year-old has a promising career in WWE. 

At one point, the idea was to pit Gunther against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. However, the idea was later nixed. The leader of the Imperium last came face to face with Brock Lesnar in the Royal Rumble match. The Austrian wrestler also delivered a stellar, record-setting performance in the Royal Rumble match, lasting 1 hour and 11 minutes. 

Gunther is reportedly going to retain his IC Championship at WrestleMania 39

The Wrestling Blog reported that WWE will have Gunther win the title match at WrestleMania, as losing could hurt his momentum. The report noted that WWE has major plans for Gunther this summer. So, losing the title at the Grandest Stage could be detrimental to his push.

It was previously reported that Triple H’s management is happy with what the Ring General has accomplished so far in his career. It’s only fitting that he would be pushed as a main event star in the near future. The heel superstar is currently two months away from hitting the one-year mark as the Intercontinental Champion. 

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus earned the title opportunity to face Gunther on SmackDown. The fatal five-way match had a controversial ending as both men ended up gaining a pinfall victory at the same time. Although Sheamus and McIntyre briefly worked together in the match, it will be every man for himself at WrestleMania. 

Gunther will reportedly be afforded a World Title match by summer

There’s no doubt that Gunther’s performance in WWE has left nothing to be desired. WrestleVotes reported via GiveMeSport that the Ring General has impressed the WWE management so much that it is possible to see him get a main event push soon. The report further stated that Gunther may likely be in the main event picture by summer. 

“Once WWE gets two World titles, you double the amount of people in the main event. Gunther is ready to step up. I expect by the summer to see him at the top of the card. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins a World title. He might be next in line.”

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