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WWE Legend Kane Gets in Trouble for Pressuring One of His Officials to Hush Up a Scandal

Rishabh Singh

WWE Kane scandal

Throughout his career in wrestling, WWE legend Kane was widely recognized as an intimidating character. Being an on-screen brother to The Undertaker, Kane’s personality struck fear in his opponents. In 2018, Kane gave up his wrestling gear for an official suit when he became The Republican Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Even before he delved into politics, Kane exuded his political vibes in WWE as a member of The Authority alongside Triple H. 

Kane was once one of the most feared and endeared superstars in WWE. While the “feared” aspect of his character is still valid, the latter is not so much. Ever since venturing into politics, Kane has been involved in multiple controversies. The Big Red Monster was also accused of extorting one of his employees. 

Kane is accused of threatening one of his officials to lie

According to a report from Knox News, the wrestler-turned-politician Kane was accused of threatening one of his officials to lie and cover up for a chief of staff who had been illegally using a county golf cart at his home.

When news came to light that Bryan Hair, the head of staff, had been using a county golf cart at his home with his wife, the allegation resulted in a thorough investigation. It was later revealed by one of the county officials Paul White that he was demanded by Glen Jacobs (Kane) to lie and cover up for Hair. 

According to White, when he expressed his refusal to cover for Hair, Jacobs pounded the office desk in hopes of intimidating and instilling fear in White.

Investigations further revealed that Jacobs asked the county employees to work at his house during office hours. White was later paid $150,000 to settle the dispute. 

Former WWE Divas Champion takes shots at Kane for his take on Roe Vs. Wade Supreme Court decision

Roe Vs. Wade was a decision by The US Supreme Court in 1973 that permitted women to get an abortion. The ruling was rescinded recently, criminalizing abortion in the US. Taking to Twitter, Jacobs expressed his pro-life views. He stated that stronger protections will be implemented in Tennessee for the unborn. 

Kane’s views did not sit well with a lot of fans who were against the ruling. One of those fans was former WWE superstar Paige who took to her Twitter to take shots at Kane for his pro-life opinion. Other wrestling personalities also joined Paige and expressed their disapproval on Twitter. 

“Glenn you were an idol of mine and I sung your praises to anyone I met. But this is the biggest piece of sh*t take from you ever. Very disappointing that you think controlling women’s bodies and taking away our rights is a “victory”.” Tweeted Paige.

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