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“Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle Shares The “Worst Bump” Of His Pro Wrestling Career

Yasser Ayaz

Kurt Angle Reveals The "Sad" Truth About The Wrestling Business

Pro wrestling is a dangerous sport, and how dangerous it is, ask “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle. From TNA to WWE, the Hall of Famer’s run in the squared circle stretched for more than two decades. In his legendary wrestling career, Kurt Angle faced legends, wrestled stipulation-based matches, took bumps, and won over 20 titles. However, he faced the consequences of all his bumps after hanging up his boots. Angle’s recent social media post sheds light on the worst of them.

While delivering memorable matches, The Olympic Gold Medalist’s head fell prey to a lot of concussions. Not to forget, the time other injuries took out of Kurt Angle’s wrestling career. Last year, he had to replace both his knees in a brutal double surgery. However, the Hall of Famer recently took to social media to share the worst bump he ever took. 

Kurt Angle calls his 2022 bump against Kane the worst of his entire wrestling career

The Olympic Gold Medalist took to his Twitter account and recalled a decades-old match against The Big Red Machine. On the go-home RAW for the 2002 Royal Rumble, Angle faced Kane in a singles match.

During the match, the Red Monster delivered a chokeslam to Angle and the referee together. The Hall of Famer shared the vintage clip on the micro-blogging site with an interesting caption. Kurt Angle noted that bump as the worst of his wrestling career. Recalling how Charles Robinson landed on him, Angle joked he felt like he would crap himself. He tweeted:

During the late 90s and 2010s, The Olympic Gold Medalist was one of the biggest names in the world of pro wrestling. For his outstanding in-ring work, Angle was in fact, called “The Wrestling Machine”. Though all that stardom came after taking numerous bumps in the ring.

The Hall of Famer is scheduled to make an appearance on Raw’s 30th Anniversary next week

Despite announcing his retirement at the 2019 WrestleMania, The Olympian has made occasional appearances on WWE TV. Last month, he celebrated his 54th birthday on SmackDown. Fans also got to see his vintage milk shower on Alpha Academy during the ending moments of that show.

Next week, RAW will celebrate its 30th anniversary, and the Hall of Famer is announced to be there. And not just him, icons like The Undertaker, Ric Flair, and HBK are also all set to appear on the big occasion. With legends like them making an appearance, the show will be filled with nostalgia for old WWE fans.

Nevertheless, the Wrestling Machine has expressed his willingness to wrestle again if given a proper opportunity. In fact, Angle recently claimed he pitched an idea for this year’s Wrestlemania. Though, whether WWE management goes with his pitch or not, is yet to be seen.

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