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Joining Jesus Christ and Hitler, Two WWE Superstars Once Made It to Forbes’ “Top 10 Most Controversial People in the World”

Yasser Ayaz

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In the world of pro wrestling, The Undertaker and Kane are famous for being the Brothers Of Destruction in the ring. And if you take a look at WWE history, both men are icons and in fact, certified legends. However, both men once made it to a bizarre list for yet unknown reasons. The list in question is from the popular, Forbes, where The Undertaker and Kane were named the Top Most Controversial People In The World.

Throughout their legendary career, The Brothers of Destruction have topped many lists. Though whatever lists they made it to, were surely for something related to the wrestling ring. However, Forbes once included them in a list that even today will make a WWE fan scratch his head.

The Undertaker And Kane were among the top 10 “Most Controversial People In The World”

Well, as bizarre as it sounds in reading, it is more than that while writing. But Forbes did this in one of its lists of the top most controversial people in the world. Though it was originally titled “Wikipedia’s 100 most controversial people” and was released in 2016 by the business magazine.

However, what came as a shocker for WWE fans was the inclusion of The Undertaker and Kane. In fact, both WWE Hall of Famers were in the top 10. Joining the likes of Adolf Hitler and George W. Bush, Forbes believes the WWE legends are controversial.

While The Undertaker was on no. 7, his onscreen brother found himself at no. 9 on the list. In fact, The Cenation Leader John Cena was positioned as no. 13 most controversial person in the world.

Although the criteria for making this list is still fans, it did surprise everyone who saw it. And not just big celebs, but religious figures like Jesus and Prophet Muhammad were also named as controversial.

Both WWE legends are currently retired and enjoying their life away from the ring

After having magnificent careers in WWE, the era of The Brothers of Destruction has sadly come to an end. After entering the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021, Kane is currently enjoying his time in politics. Though The Big Red Machine never wrestled his retirement match.

As far as The Phenom is concerned, he hung up his wrestling boots after a memorable Boneyard Match against AJ Styles in 2020. And earlier this year before WrestleMania 38, Mr. McMahon himself inducted him into the HOF.

Nevertheless, Taker and The Big Red Machine were not the only big personalities, Forbes’ list had big names from almost every domain. The list even included Roger Federer as the no. 8 controversial persons in the world. And as silly as the list sounds, fans around the world took it the same way.

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